Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your cheapest meals.

In preparing for this month of spending $100 bucks at the grocery store I have been making a list of meals. I'm trying to figure out what everything costs so that I know the meals I CAN make, and the ones I can't.

Do you have any tips? Any cheap meal ideas? Obviously I buy a lot of hamburger meat, chicken breast, pork chops, etc... its the stuff that goes with it that gets expensive!!

any tips?!


Faith said...

I actually avoid buying a lot of meats, they are the most expensive part of my grocery shopping!

I always buy the produce that is on sale. Not only is it the cheapest, but it's a great way to keep variety in your diet, plus it's super nutritious. For non-sale veggies, the frozen aisle is your friend. Frozen veggies keep a lot of the nutrients of fresh, but are super cheap. I buy them when they go on sale at Kroger for 88 cents a bag.

There are a lot of creative meals that can be made with beans and rice as the base. It may sound boring, but with some seasonings it's definitely not! Even just rice and beans mixed with some salsa and a sprinkle of cheese is really filling and CHEAP.

As to if I could do a month of meals for $100...I think so. I keep my pantry pretty stocked so that would help. I'd mainly be concerned that I would spend way more the next month restocking everything :P

I've been enjoying your blog...I came to it through a link from my aunt's blog (Diana Hampo).

Kara said...

Well, I suggest French Toast, cinnamon toast and eggs, biscuits and gravy or chocolate gravy. I know, really healthy. I am trying to breakfast two nights a week. Also spaghetti...Have you ever made sausage and cream cheese crescent casserole? Brown breakfast sausage, crumble and drain. Mix with cream cheese. Press a can of crescent rolls into a 9x13 ish dish, top with sausage and cream cheese, then top that with another can of pressed out crescent rolls. Tasty! I first started trying to AVERAGE 10 a night for dinner, but I think we are doing less now.

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