Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost to April

Alrighty well we almost made it to APRIL! My month of spending $100 at the grocery store is almost over and I'm still just a TINY bit over that. Hey-it was a goal, so its okay that I only sorta made it.

This month I have:

*3 weeks worth of meals planned and bought for-SUCCESS!
*Continued on my small little stock pile
*Begun the envelope system and i'm nearly at my goal for CHRISTMAS $$$$$$ 
*Sold over $300 bucks worth of stuff on Ebay :)
*Have worked on de-cluttering which is going well.

It's all about the small steps... but i'm working on it! I am seeing progress each and every day and as long as I KEEP MY GOAL in mind... I feel confident I will do JUST fine :)

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