Sunday, March 6, 2011

February Wrap-up and moving on to March

February was a success. We had labeled it FREE month meaning we weren't going to spend a dime on anything to entertain us... we did well.

We didn't go out to eat except one time and we had a gift card. We spent less than $5 bucks on entertainment. We watched Netflix and used Redbox codes to entertain us :)

We spent less than $200 at the grocery store. We made goals for the next month.

All in all..February was a HUGE step for us at moving forward on our financial dream life of saving money and spending less.


March is our poor month--GET EXCITED :) Its gonna be awesome! won't be that much different than last month. The difference is we can't spend a DIME on entertainment and we are out of gift cards which means... eating at home, having friends over, playing card games, going for walks... anything fun and anything thats FREE. Bills are paid, groceries are bought and money is saved!

Oh... and about the groceries... as you recall March is buy groceries for $100 bucks ONLY! SO... I have from March 7-April 7 to figure out meals on $100 bucks. I have it narrowed down for the most part but there are still a few things I haven't figured out.

There was a time when we would easily spend $400 bucks a month, if not more, at the grocery store and we STILL went out to eat 3 times a week minimum. This is called "LACK OF PLANNING"... and im onto that now. So here I go... i'll keep you updated!

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