Monday, March 21, 2011

ALMOST Christmas??? :)

On March 25th it will be 9 months til Christmas. Have you given it any thought?... probably not. :) and thats ok....

BUT... I will say this. This is THE time of the year to RACK UP! This is the perfect time of the year to buy pajamas(b/c they are getting ready for the super summer ones), shirts and jewelry are always good this time of year and of COURSE household items(pictures frames, rugs, etc.... and i'm not sure why...they just are).

so... who is on your list? Make a list of everyone you have to buy for and be thinking ahead! This year my family drew names and I have my people already in mind when I hit the stores. How much are you setting aside this year for every person? Have you thought about that?

Last year... I went completely over board. Okay okay--I do EVERY single year. It's my favorite time of the year AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying for other people. It makes me so happy and its just stinkin' fun...even if I am buying their presents in June.

We drew names so me, my husband, and my daughter each have a person to buy for. I set a limit of $20 bucks a person within my family. I already have one present bought and b/c I bought it NOW I got it half price. (AGAIN--if you buy warmer clothing and items NOW they are cheaper but they will be back in season by Christmas). Two of the people on my list are under 5 so I am definitley awaiting the consignment events that travel through town this time of year.

For my husband and daugther--thats always harder. It's easier to spend more on them but I have put myself on a budget of $50 bucks for each of them. It's time to get to shopping!

So... what are your plans for Christmas? Have you thought about it yet?

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