Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coupons for March 6th

Did you clip your coupons? Did you go through your local ads to figure up your savings?

I want to hear YOUR success stories. Be sure and post them as a comment or email me! I'd LOVE to hear it!


Kara said...

Yes, I did. I know that you can print all coupons from Smart Source and Red Plum for free online, but I would rather get a paper because I keep them until they expire and it's easier for me to envision everything with hard copies. I see a few I can use. Last week's success was at Walgreen's. I got Gilette Fusion Proglide razor kit, Schick Hydro razor kit, Colgate total advanced toothpaste, 24 rolls of Charmin basic, and 2 laffy taffy for 18.00. This week, I want to get the softsoap body wash, batteries, Always pads, and maybe more toothpaste. I have coupons for all of those things, which already come with RR or are on sale!

Jere and Cara said...

WAY to go Kara! I'm so excited you are on this journey too! Its fun, isn't it? :) It started for me out of necessity, and some months it STILL is out of necessity,but mostly I am doing all this b/c I WANT to. It's fun, it makes me feel good, and it allows me to be in better control of my finances.

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