Monday, March 7, 2011

Clothing list

I've said before that I am a complete freak about making lists. It's annoying, but it keeps me on track :)

I posted yesterday to read the blog Grocery Shrink. Well just this morning I hopped on there to read the latest news and there it was... a list I had FORGOTTEN to make! How can that be?!?!

It goes like this... you make a CLOTHING list just like the list you make for the grocery store. Plan ahead. Make a column to list everything and then get started:

dress shoes
tennis shoes

so on and so forth....

Then next colum: How many do you need?
NEXT column: How many do you have already?
NEXT: how much did you budget for?

THIS is AWESOME! How could I not think of this?!

I would think ESPECIALLY with large families this will come in handy, but even for my little family of 3 this is a live saver. I tend to run out to my consignment shop KNOWING that Ava needs some clothes but I get there, walk around, get distracted and come home and realize that I bought her 4 shirts she didn't need. She needed shorts! This is a GREAT way to keep up with what you have, what you need, and how much money you need to be setting back for clothes!

How handy is this? Are you gonna do it? If not, do you have a better system for keeping up with clothing lists and budgeting for them?

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