Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Out of necessity or because its fun?

I have had several comments and emails about how this whole thing came about. So here ya go...

First of all I really enjoy writing. I have two other blogs that don't get as much of my time as this one, but I just simply enjoy writing. I journaled forever and I find it so important to do that... its such a nice release to just write about life and pain and funny stuff. I have kept them all and I enjoy reading them every now and then. It kinda reminds me of where I have been, and gives me insight into where I want to go. (sounds so cheesy-but so true).

So anyway I decided that I could blog and write and just keept the super intimate details to myself because overall-i'm an open book!

First part is I love to write. Second part is I have always been frugal. I grew up living a very frugal life and got used to it. There have been times in my life when its been a necessity for me to pinch every penny, and a few times when it hasn't really mattered. This whole thing got started for fun, but because of job situations, life, etc, it became a necessity.

My husband owns his own business(furniture store) and I sell advertising for radio. I LOVE my job, my hubs loves his but BOTH of our incomes depend heavily on the economy, and just sales in general. I will have AWESOME months. I will have months when I get my paycheck and I don't know whether to laugh, or to cry. IT's feast or famine at our house. Even with my husbands business. GREAT months, terrible months. It's hard, SOOO hard to budget for that. So I decided if we lived frugally ALL the time instead of just when we had to it would even out. It would be more balanced b/c we wouldn't feel it as much when have a bad month vs. a good month.

So thats how we got started. Because we do this EVERY month and not just the months when we want to cry while balancing our checkbooks we have already seen a huge difference! We haven't charged anything on a card in 4 months, everything is caught up, on time, more money in the bank, and a good bit in savings. It's a nice feeling.

To sum it up i live frugally and blog about it because its fun AND I live frugally and blog about it because it's the only way to survive. :) It's interesting... there was a time in my life when shopping was all it was about! (Don't get me wrong-shopping is my favorite cardio). And even though I always shopped for a bargain, I was shopping for bargains 6 days out of the week!

*REMEMBER-its not a bargain if you can't afford it or have to charge it*

But since I am no longer shopping (well, rarely shopping) I get that same rush and thrill from buying $47 bucks worth of household supplies for $8!! It's nice... I'm growing up, i'm owning up to my mistakes and my financial messy past and i'm looking forward to a bright, fruitful and frugal future. :)

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