Monday, February 25, 2013

Meals made easy

Listen up my friends!!!! I have a GREAT new tool for you to try out... AND, it's backed by the man I have a love-hate relationship with--DAVE RAMSEY :) go figure...

Try out the easy to use emails weekly planner and set up your family meal plan in SUCH an easy way.

Here's how it works...

You pick a meal plan based on what your family loves to eat and what you as the chef of your household LOVES to cook!

Then you start recieving emails every week with recipes that fall into your already picked "meal plan". These recipes include side dishes as well as entrees.

THEN you recieve a shopping list that fits perfectly with these recipes! It even allows you to coordinate with the stores in your area and it goes by what they have on SALE!

Emeals takes care of finding the recipes and the grocery lists (and the sales) and you get to sit back and take credit for it all!

How fun is this? Try it out today!! And try something new and fun for your family while enjoying the hassle being taken out of it!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tax time!

It's that time again... TAX TIME! Some people look forward to it and others dread it... but either way, it's here again! Time to file those taxes!

One issue some people run into is needing to file an extension. If you need extra time AND peace of mind, then check out Turbo Tax today to see about filing your extension. Visit this site here for all the info you need! Filing an extension will help you avoid penalties and allow you the freedom to take more time to get all of your 'ducks in a row'.

Are you needing info on filing a state exension? Then check out Turbo tax by clinking on the link above.

What about an extension to file federal taxes? Get all of the info at the above link.

tax time can be stressful. I know personally I never look forward to it. There is this knot in my stomach until it is completed... I never know if I am going to be paying in OR if I am going to get a big fat refund. Either way--ignoring it will NOT make it go away! Find out your options today about filing an extension!

To expand your business

If you are a business owner looking to expand your website and marketing tools then you need to check out THIS website. This is a great and affordable way to market using a mobile website. It's affordable, easy set up and will help bring new people in.

Think about it... advertising is so important to a business. There are so many businesses competing for your business and nearly everyone uses some type of website to locate you. Make sure that your website is informative and EASY TO FIND. It is so frustrating as a consumer to spend endless amounts of time trying to LOCATE you. A mobile website could be JUST the thing to help consumers find you and therefore you will earn their business!

In today's world of internet and surfing the net, be sure that your mobile website gets to your target audience! Expanding your marketing can be affordable and easy! Check it out today!