Saturday, December 29, 2012

After Christmas bargains

After Christmas sales are my favorite! I get so excited. I rarely go after the actual "Christmas" items, I'm more for the non-Christmas blowouts instead! 

3 essentials that I ALWAYS pick up that are Christmas items:

-wrapping paper
-bows and ribbons

That being said, I only go after these items every other year. I buy enough to last. 

** I don't recommend stocking up items for ANYONE on ANY item if you don't have the room for it! Nothing junks up a house and gets you more qualified for an episode of hoarders than having more stuff than you have space. 

*We have 2 barns. Yes, 2. One of which is dedicated the "Seasons and Events barns." I keep wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, and sorts of home decor for the holidays in here. It's out of our way, we NEVER go in that barn except to get something specific so it's not in our way. 

Okay-- I had to say that :) 

I go after regular items that are hugely discounted. I wish I could say everything I bought but my family reads my blogs from time to time and I would hate to ruin next years Christmas for them. :) Let's just say that I am already completely done shopping for my 2 sisters, my parents, both brother in laws, one niece, next years school teachers!! 

Belk had a HUGE sale, Bath and Body had a massive sale, and pretty much every store around had huge discounts and incentives. I have harped on this before in many posts. It's so important to me to buy nice gifts for people without spending all the money! After Christmas is without a doubt the BEST time to buy on almost anything! 

While I say NO very often to spending unnecessary money, buying bargains NOW will only help you LATER!

What about you?! Did you find any good bargains this year?! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh the joys of daytrading...

Unfortunately, I just don't know much about stocks/bonds/IRA's and so on...I rely on my husband for that. And while relying on him I PRAY that HE knows what he's doing :)

I probably need to stop and learn it all myself... but that's just not a strength of mine. I need someone that I can rely on! I need someone that I can say "Here--here's what I can spend,here's what I hope to make, here's how dedicated I am to continuing..." and let THEM take it from there. 

I don't understand all of the risks involved in a daytrade, but I DO know that I have had friends make some serious bank with daytrading. 

Investing and turning a profit is not something that the average person knows a lot about. It's important to have someone that you TRUST that can stand beside you the whole way. Someone that understands the risk involved, someone that understands the process and can walk you through it every step of the way. 

That's where Timothy comes in at! Check them out. Get your answers and see how much money you can make! 

Remodeling on a budget

Remodeling a room is one of my favorite things to do. Well, let's be honest... the actual WORK of it is not that fun, but the finished project is so fun! It's so great to view a room that YOU re-did--that feeling of PRIDE in your work is always worth the pain of re-doing it all. 

One of the best things about doing some remodeling or redecorating in your home is the SHOPPING! And I can't think of any other shopping i'd rather do than furniture shopping! BUT, have you noticed how furniture sales people can be pushy? They always to push their ideas onto you... I cannot stand that. I sold furniture for 4 1/2 years and I NEVER in all that time ever forced my likes and dislikes on somebody. It's THEIR home, let THEM do it how THEY See fit. 

But what about great bargains on furniture? One of the best places to find that is online... 

If you are updating that OUT OF DATE room and want to make it hip, then you are going to need some contemporary living room furniture! And if you are shopping on a budget, then I have JUST the place for you to go! 

Check out the link above to find some AMAZING, Contemporary, Stylish furniture at a fraction of what you would pay in stores! 

BUY smart... BUY wholesale. 

Valence Group

If you or your business is looking to some investing then look no further than The Valence Group. 

If you are wanting a team that can help make you money and help give you the chemical advisory that you need, then look no further than The Valence Group. 

The Valence Group is qualified to assist clients on chemical mergers and acquisitions  with their team of experts that can help YOU with the whole process. 

Some people are fuzzy on the details about what a chemical investment bank is, or does, or how it can help YOU... but with the group of qualified professionals at The Valence Group, your questions can get answers! And these answers may help YOU make money! 

If you are needing good, solid advice from a well trusted and respected company, then look no further than The Valence Group. Visit their website today to see how the M&A Advisory services can help your business TODAY! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Need relief?!

Need relief?

Don't we all need relief from SOMETHING?! I have a head cold and could use some relief. My husband has heartburn and could use a Pepcid... we ALL need relief from something. Think about it... think about that moment when you GET the relief you are wanting. You FINALLY get that moment of relief and you sense this release within you because the RELIEF has come! What a wonderful feeling that is!

If financial relief is something you are seeking then I have some great news for you! Sheila Cockburn, lead attorney for Cockburn and Associates can help you get the financial RELIEF that you are needing! Check out their website at You can read up on the services they offer, see the answers to frequently asked questions and begin learning how YOU can get the financial relief that you deserve. 

Times are tough. Get the relief you deserve you for yourself and your family by calling Sheila Cockburn of Law Office of Cockburn and Associates, LLP TODAY!