Friday, April 29, 2011

For starters...

Shopping with coupons is overwhelming...right? I know it was for me at first and STILL is at times.

I jumped right in-feet first and tried to do it all. I'm suprised I stuck with it because I was completely exhausted and lost in the coupon world. Let's take a step back... start small.

The biggest thing I hear people say about coupons is "I can't buy groceries on coupons." That is both true and false (in my opinion). I RARELY see coupons for meat, milk, produce, etc. So that means you just have to follow your local ads very carefully because they WILL Go on sale.

But what DO you always see coupons for?

Diapers, wipes, tampons, pads, makeup, detergent, cleaning products, toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodarant, yogurt, cereal...don't you at least use SOME of those items?

So here's what you do... pick 3 items that you are determined to either get for FREE, or almost free. That's a GREAT place to start. Then you go to the stores in your town and write down prices, look for store sale ads(should come out weekly or bi-weekly) and when you get your coupons on Sundays you are looking for THOSE specific items.

Don't think that the first week you are going to have a huge "haul" and go to Kroger and get $1200 worth of groceries and spend $50. It is simply NOT going to happen.

So what few items will you pick?!?!?

Frugal Fridays-April 29th

For MANY of us its either pay day or ALMOST pay day! Keep in mind what I said LAST week. You have to have your money's destination already determined or a budget will NEVER EVER work!

So its Friday, and its one of the most popular days of the week to eat out. Don't do it! Unless of course you budgeted for that.

What are some frugal plans you have made? For US...

Tonight is stay at home night. Catch up on Netflix movies. We pay for it, might as well use it.

Tomorrow is haircut day for Jere (don't worry, he has a coupon) and THEN I am taking Ava to the museum which we already paid for(and of course I got it on sale)

Sunday is family day. Lots of folks coming in town for my sisters shower so that won't be a money spender day :)

JUST think about what your weekend looks like ahead of time and you are less likely to blow your budget.

What frugal ways are YOU going to spend the weekend?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Think inside the book Thursday-April 28th

OKAY friends... its time to look at ALL of your coupons and get rid of all the ones that are OVERDUE! There are a TON of coupons that expired on the 24th and a bunch that expire on the 30th. So get a hold of those and either use them or toss them.

You want to make sure that ALL of the coupons on hand are CURRENT!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Savings or paying ahead?

Okay so I want your thoughts on this....

If you have a month, or a week, however you are paid, where you have MORE money coming than expected... what do you do with it?

Obviously we surely don't SPEND it :).... but whats the best thing to do.

I struggled with this. I'm in a commission job so there are roller coaster months. Some months are great, and others... well, not so great. SO... what do you do?

Do you put extra money in savings OR do you pay ahead? Do you pay 2 or 3 car payments? Do you get ahead on your credit cards? Do you pay an extra month's rent/mortgage?


What a Meal Wednesdays-April 27th


Okay so today we are talking about meal planning, grocery shopping, etc. Go to or get the paper today. This should be a great week at Kroger to stock up on some items.

FIRST let me say that I went to Kroger yesterday b/c as we all now know... Tuesdays is the day to go get SALADS AND MEAT. It will MORE Than likely be marked down. They do this on tuedays to get rid of it before the new ad starts on Wednesday. So I went in and bought a $5.99 salad mix (the good kind) for .99 cents. AND, hamburger meat was on sale for $11.98(5 lbs) but the "Managers Special" had marked it down to 9.89. SCORE! PLUS of course the $11 dollar steaks I paid $4 bucks for... yep. It was a good day.


Kroger Vegetables $1.00 each

Tombstone Pizzas $2.49 REALLY GOOD DEAL!

Pillsbury rolls, bread, etc $1.00 each (don't forget your .40 cent coupon for 3 pillsbury items that will be doubled to .80 cents and will basically make one of these free)

Kraft Singles $1.49 (Don't forget that 1.00 off coupon I had you print off back in March. It's still good)

Kroger cheese BOGO (again...such a good deal)

That's not a TON of stuff, but those are the main things that we need. I'm hoping with my coupons and my planning that I can spend less than $50 bucks.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tackle a task Tuesday-April 26th

My task for the week is this:


This means:
*drawers (yes, including that junk drawer that holds more paperclips and more pens that one would EVER need to own)

*cabinets(time to throw out all those BK cups. Do I really need 65?)

*Under the sink (Gross I know, that place is always creepy to me...)

*plates, forks, glasses (are they chipped? CHUNK THEM)

It's time to clean, organize and THROW away what I don't need!

So go, tackle this task :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

B1G1 Lipton Iced Tea

Like Lipton Iced tea on Facebook by clicking HERE to print out your coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Lipton Iced tea!!!

Yummm... perfect little treat for summer time!

All the free stuff

DON'T FORGET to fill out info for all the free stuff you see online!! It seems silly, I know... and it does take a few minutes to do but COME ON!!!! IT's so worth it!

I am CONSTANTLY getting free samples in the mail of fun stuff. And SOMETIMES its full size products! Just more items to add to my stock pile!

I know its a hassle to fill out ALL that info but its so worth it!!!

Money Monday-April 25th

So its that dreaded day that we talk about MONEY!

I must confess... I didn't BLOW my budget this pay period but I sure didn't do as good as I had hoped for.

*I spent extra money buying things to get organized (I realize thats not a waste, but it still took me over what I had planned to use for spending money)

*we spent way too much on coke and popcorn at the movies(although I WILL say that we spent more up front to get the year long refillable bucket so in the long run we saved about 40 bucks (I did the math) but still... hadn't planned on that....

*I got lazy last week and didn't keep up with reciepts, spent more on gas out of pocket than I planned on (I get a gas allowance at work but with gas being $4 bucks a gallon it doesn't go as far)

So I have to do some better planning. I think one thing that I am REALLLLY bad at is not allowing enough "stretch room" in my budget. I make it so rigid that I get dissapointed in myself if I go over, and really I should have some more room to wiggle the numbers.

I guess my lesson for today is that even though I have used the same type budget now for about 4 months and its WORKED for me.... that doesn't mean there isn't room for change and improvement.

How did you do this month?

Friday, April 22, 2011


It's Easter Sunday so there will be NO COUPONS this Sunday. Doesn't mean you can't save BIG... there just won't be any new ones in the paper. JUST an FYI!

Why not?

Why would you NOT budget, coupon, organize your life??? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. From a former pack rat, money spender, a person that was scared to balance their checkbook--- I HAVE mad a lot of changes.

So I got to thinking about the reasons we DONT do these things:

*I think we feel like WE are adults now and don't need anyone to tell us "Don't spend all your money in one place" like we were told as kids.

*It's SCARY! We don't WANT to see the actual income-outcome of our every day lives...probably because we KNOW we over spend.

*It takes time... and let's face it... we aren't a society that "has time" for anything. It's go-go-go, rush-rush-rush and we only have time for the things we have already commited to.

*We don't want to admit failure


*We've seen the crazy people on the shows! WE DONT WANT TO BE LIKE THEM!!!

*We also see .25 cent coupons and think 'Whats the point in wasting my Sunday afternoon to save a quarter?'

*We believe that off brands are cheaper anyway...


*This TOO takes a LOT of time! We don't have enough energy for that!

*The thought of having a yard sale makes us want to vomit...

*Carting all that crap around in the car til we FINALLY make it by storage, Good will, etc, stresses us out

There are LOTS of reasons why we put off things. But none of these are ALL the way true. I've learned how to clip my coupons and plan my trips in a fraction of the time that it used to take me. I've learned to discipline myself to organize one thing a week. I've made a strict budget and have tried my BEST to stick to it. You have to start somewhere... start small.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FREE Sample of TRESemme

Click HERE to be linked up to TRESemme's facebook page. Like them, and fill out your info for free samples.

I have done this enough lately that I could actually ONLY use shampoo and body wash samples for about 2 weeks :) YAY! Thats exciting!!!!!

All the changes

I was thinking today about ALL the changes I have made since last year.

This time last year (Easter weekend) I remember going to the store that Friday night after my daughter went to sleep. I packed my buggy full of about $30 dollars worth of junk!! Now-I would NEVER do that. I have buying her Easter stuff for a few weeks and almost ALL of it cost me NOTHING! I stacked my coupons with Walgreens deals on candy, saved some of my RR's to buy the easter basket, and found the ultimate easter present for her at a consignment event!

This time last year we were heading to Walmart once, maybe twice a week, and never left without spending at LEAST $50 bucks and those were the trips where we actually only needed 1 or 2 things...but kept piling it in! NOW I am on a strict budget and am actually sticking to it. But at the same time of spending WAY less money, we actually have more items on hand! What a change!

I now am very concerned with time spent on things... I want to get in the store and out while not missing the bargains. I am planning ahead, preparing healthier meals(while spending less on them), getting my life organized and planning for the future.

I honestly don't know EXACTLY what put me in this position. I had some hard financial times (commission jobs are GREAT... commission jobs are HORRIBLE). My husband bought a business and we were just going through some strain. I was out of work for a few weeks... but none of that really happened around the time I started couponing. So it wasn't some major event like you see on TLC's Extreme Couponing(they all seem to have some sort of tragedy that led them to coupons) I guess it was more of a combination of things and the fact that I got tired of seeing our money dwindle away with NOTHING to show for it.

What about you? What brought you on this journey? Maybe you just read my blog b/c you know me (and thanks for that). :) Maybe you are reading this because you googled "Bargains" and found me. Whatever the reason--what is YOUR story? Are you changing your lifestyle or just trying to save a few bucks..?

I'm anxious to hear!

Frugal Fridays- April 22nd

First of all let me say.... Happy Good Friday :), AND Happy Earth Day!

About 2 months ago one of the "living social" or "Groupon" type deals was to purchase 2 Fandango tickets for like $9 bucks. SO... I did it and have been hanging onto it! So my frugal weekend consists of:

helping my friends pack and get moved this evening
enjoying my frugal movie ticket purchase and going to see Madea's new movie Saturday :)
Walking downtown(weather permitting) and working on that summer figure
Cleaning up all of our DVR'ed shows

What about you? Have you already made your plans?

Happy Easter to everyone! God Bless!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Think inside the book Thursday-April 21st

Okay so today we need to look at our books...

I have decided its time to change my book. I need to go to baseball card slots. SO... thats what I am working on today. It's taking me FOREVER to make the transition but I know once its done it will be so worth it!!!!

I have decided that I need THESE categories:

TEETH (toothbrushes, toothpaste, listerine, floss)
BREADS (canned biscuits, frozen dough, bread, buns, etc)
BREAKFAST (cereal, waffles, pancake mix, etc)
FROZEN ITEMS (kids cuisine type meals, frozen veggies, pizzas, etc)
SNACKS (chips, crackers, etc)
RAZORS(razors, shaving cream)
CLEANING PRODUCTS (lysol, windex, dusting products, etc)
PASTA (noodles, mac n cheese, spaghetti sauces, etc)

Probably a few more to come. What about you? Are you couponing enough that its TOTALLY time to upgrade?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My mailbox

Pretty good week in my mailbox so far :)

I got m my Tide Stain Release Tablets and my free tide samples of detergent.

I ALSO got my free luggage tags that I posted while back. TOTALLY free and i got to personalize them. it was a fun suprise to get all of these goodies in the mail box :)

What a meal Wednesdays-April 20th

What a meal Wednesdays is here again!

This week I must say that I was pretty dissapointed with the Kroger ad. BUT that all depends on what you need and what you are planning to buy. :)

For me... there wasn't a ton of goodies BUT i was happy to see....

*Kroger cheese b1g1 free again. ALWAYS a good bargain.
*Purex detergent for $1.99 (STOCK UP)
*Eggs for $1.77. Perfect timing :)

In addition to these bargains it's time for me to stock up on meat. I typically a months supply of chicken, hamburger meat, steaks, pork chops, etc at one time and we are down to about 6 meals... so if I can find some good bargains I will pick those up while i'm here!

What does your weekly menu look like? Have you been planning ahead?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our journey thus far-April 19th

It appears that we are now about 3 months into this financial journey. It's been fun, rewarding, and stressful.

I spent a LOT of time planning shopping trips, clipping coupons, reading blogs about this week's deals, posting my OWN blogs about this weeks deals, adding up totals, and so on. Anyone thats in a similar boat can TOTALLY relate. It's NOT easy to be frugal. In fact, I find it kind of comical that its harder to be frugal and conservative with money than it is just to blow and go. This has taken discipline and determination for SURE! I have wanted to throw my hands up several times and say "FORGET IT! LET'S JUST GO BACK TO HOW WE USED TO BE!" And then I calm down and realize that I couldn't go back for anything.

Some progress we have made is:

**we have items on hand that we need (thats a first)-I was ALWAYS running to the store to pick up one or two things. So not only are we saving money but we are saving time and stress!

**We have managed to pay off a good bit of debt by watching our pennies.

**I have learned to cook more meals :) And for someone who used to the stove as strorage, this is HUGE!!!

**We have more down time. When you have your meals planned, you come home and cook them and get a few tasks done... you actually have time to SIT AND RELAX! It's been soooo nice. I never thought i'd see the day when my evenings weren't completely crammed full of stuff to do!

**We have not only decided to organize our financial messes but our ACTUAL messes as well. We have sold items, decluttered, organized our home and are continuing to do more of that!

This journey really started with me not having much of an agenda. I knew I wanted to make some things right, I knew I had some "Fresh starts" to make and I ALSO knew that these NEEDED to be done. But I never thought i'd come so far in just a short time.

So what about you? How are you feeling about your progress? Don't get discouraged... take it ONE step at a time!

Super Success today at Walgreens-April 19th

Today I had a few extra coupons so I ran in Walgreens on my way to lunch...

I bought 3 rolls of Scotch tape (put those in my Christmas bin)
2-6roll packs of Scott natural made paper towels

Paid $4.38 out of pocket.

I used:
3-$1.00 off Scotch Brand Tape coupons(previously posted)
1-buy 1 at $1.99 get 2 free Walgreens in store coupon for tape
2-$1.00 off Scott Natural Brand papertowels in store coupon
2- $1.50 off Scott Natural Brand manufactures coupons printed HERE!

Those 2 coupons made each $5.00 set of paper towels cost only $2.50 each. You can't buy cheap ones for that price!

PLUS because I bought 3 Scotch tapes(even though they were buy 1 get 2 free) I could STILL use 3-$1.00 coupons which gave me an OVERAGE of $1.00 which came off of the paper towels.

Yep, I was PRETTTY excited about that!

Tackle a task Tuesday-April 19th

I mentioned to you LAST week that I think everyone should have a task to do EVERY single day. Makes organizing and cleaning seem LESS stressful... I should take my own advice sometimes. I have let some things pile UUUPPP at my house and its annoying.

So today I will tackle yet another task. My task for today is to continue working on my daughters room. Her room was the project for the week for my 52 weeks to organiziation. I started last night.... but my oh my this is a chore!

Todays task:

Continue working on the room
THROW 10 things away (papers, old socks, plastic cups-whatever)
Go through my coupons and make sure they are up to date since tomorrow is WEDNESDAY which means grocery ads come out

What about you? What tasks will you tackle today?

Monday, April 18, 2011

ALMOST FREE coffee!!!

Nescafe's Taster Choice is NEXT to free at Walgreens.

Click HERE and print off the coupon for B1G1! Walgreens currently has this item marked 2 for $2. If you buy 2 you get $2 bucks back in RR. If you buy 3, you get $3 back in RR, and if you buy 4 you get $4 back in RR.


You will pay $2.00 out of pocket for 4 boxes(containing 7 sticks each-individual coffee) and recieve $4 dollars back.


Now in MY case, I also had sent off for samples of these instant coffee samples and when I recieved them I ALSO got a $1.00 coupon in the mail. So i actually spent $1.00 out of pocket and got paid $4 in RR.

SCORE FOR THE DAY! Go get some coffee!

Money Mondays-April 18th

So it's our FIRST Money Monday and i'm pumped! :)

Today I have a challenge for me AND for you. I do this sometimes, but not like I should.

I challenge you to spend this entire week watching EVERY SINGLE PENNY that you spend. Whether its 3 quarters that are in your cup holder in the car, or bringing out the big dogs (Credit/debit cards). WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Figure up how much you spend one every little thing in a week.

It won't be THAT hard, but try it. You may learn a lot about yourself and your "Spending habits" you weren't aware that you had :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hoarding or helpful?

When I first saw the show "Extreme Couponing" I laughed when at the bottom of the screen it said something about the upcoming Hoarders show and said "if you or someone you know has a problem with hoarding..." :) I found that comical. It showed up right as someone was showing off their stock pile room. And by room I mean WALL TO WALL, floor to ceiling products EVERYWHERE!

There was an even an episode last week with 2 sisters that have the BIGGEST collection of diapers-AND THEY DO NOT HAVE KIDS! Whoa. Yea, extreme? Well, maybe to me but not for them.

I've decided not to be judgmental about what people have in their stock pile or where they chose to keep it. It's ALL up to them. It's kinda like thinking a couple shouldn't be dating--we may think it, but it REALLLLY doesn't matter WHAT we think.

So is having a stock pile a form of hoarding? or is it helpful?

Let's weigh this...

*If your stock pile prevents your kids from having room to play, thats HURTFUL.

*If your stock pile consumes all of your time, energy and money, its HURTFUL.

*If your stock pile requires you to increase your home insurance, it's HURTFUL.


But if you have a stockpile that's NOT in any ones way, contains items that you need AND will use then I think thats helful.

If you are buying items at next to nothing prices and you would have bought them anyway, that s HELPFUL!

Sure there are plenty of other scenarios to debate but i don't have time for all of that. I just don't think its fair for people to call those with stock piles 'hoarders'. I have a lot of detergent, tp, toothpaste, paper towels, shampoo... all items we NEED, will USE, and that will not expire. They also are in a safe place and not in any ones way. I think i'm helping my family.

If I am saving my family money and allowing us to have other money to put towards saving, college, retirement, etc... then I see no problem with it.

In the past 3 months of couponing I have saved my family over $392 dollars. (I did the math) That's HUGE!!!!!!!!

What about you? You feel good about your progress? Where are you at on this issue?

FREE Scotch Tape

In Walgreens ad this Sunday there is a Buy 1, Get 3 free on Scotch tape! So... to make it FREE click HERE and print off the SCOTCH coupons TWICE. It will let you do it, don't worry.

Then you take the Walgreens coupon(Buy 1 at 1.99 get 2 free) plus 2-$1.00 off coupons and you got 3 rolls of tape for FREE! Save it for Christmas! you KNOW you will need it!!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Fridays-April 15th


It's also the 15th... so, for a lot of people this is "payday" so one thing that I URGE you to be careful of is to not feel rich and decide to spend-spend-spend!!! That would be a HUGE mistake. It's so easy to make out a budget and stick to it...until payday. You HAVE TO HAVE DISCIPLINE!!!

I'm not saying don't treat yourself... we ALL Deserve treats-if we can afford them. It's so tempting to get paid and run and grab lunch(when you typically are bringing your lunch), then to run by Walmart and grab a few "extra" things. BE CAREFUL OF THIS. It's sooooo easy to do!

Here are a few ways to make sure you STICK TO YOUR BUDGET:

*PAY ALL your bills the day you get paid AND look over your budget and financial situation EVERY FRIDAY! If you think you have extra money you are more likely to blow it over the weekend than during the week. This could cause you a MAJOR BUDGET BUSTER.

*HAVE A PLAN! I know that weekends are for laying around and being lazy BUT if you have a few things planned you are less likely to get talked into meeting friends for dinner, going to the movie, running by and grabbing junk food. I know it seems silly...but the times we have BLOWN our budget are when its Friday and we don't really have a plan...then someone calls and invites us to dinner, then we hit up the mall on the way home-BAD BAD BAD! Make a plan! Have your meat set out to thaw already, or have your DVR's shows lined up for a quiet night in. OR already know that your friends are coming to your house.

AND some frugal weekend plans are...:

*Beautiful weather? hit up the local park. Take a walk downtown. Go on a hike. Go on an adventure walk and let the kiddos pick up some things (Ex: they have to find one pinecone, one one, 2 leaves...etc. They will think its fun, and you will enjoy it too. Plus your checkbook will thank you later.)

*Go camping! We don't even have a camper. We are 'improvising" with a delivery trailer my husband has. WE have a generator, a gas grill and all kinds of stuff that we can take for one night. Wouldn't be kozy for a week but its PERFECT for one night.

*Take your kids to a pond and go fishing.(If you have fishing poles already of course)

*Just simply stay at home and let the kids play while you rest, or organize, or watch a movie.

Weekends don't have to cost a bundle of money...but they tend to. So make a plan, pay your bills, and think up some free stuff to do this weekend!

SNEAK PEEK at Walgreens

Click HERE to view this Sunday's Walgreens ad. THis gives you time to prepare for your shopping trip based on the coupons that you ALREADY have :)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

ALERT****Kroger croupon policy CHANGE


Okay so today I ran to Kroger. I had just a few things to pick up but of course I coupons for most of them.

I purchased 2 Pillsbury cresent roll tube things. I had a KROGER coupon uploaded to my card PLUS a .40 cent off coupon that would be doubled.

Well... when she was going through my coupons to scan them she said "Oh I can't scan this coupon hun, you have already used a Pillsbury coupon." I politely tried to correct her and she said "Nope--we have had a policy change."

I was in a hurry and it was only 80 cents SO I left... and called the store while driving home. The manager I spoke with said YES, on MOST items you cannot use a manufacturers coupon AND a Kroger coupon. She said when all of the stores had officially made ALLL the "new coupon policy" changes it will be posted.

Grr... fellow couponers---this is NOT good!

I politely told the manager that I was sorry to hear that and that except for a few things I would go back to being a Wal-Mart shopper. Kroger is WAY more expensive on MOST things but they double coupons AND have good instore coupons so I have been going there since I started my coupon adventures... But now... nope. I am afraid, sigh, that my Kroger days may have come to an end!


Think inside the book Thursdays

Take a look at your MYBOOK!!!

Are there old coupons to throw out?
Are there coupons that you need to use NOW?
Is it time to update your savings sheet?

this is the day to spend 5 minutes looking through your MYBOOK!

Today I will:

*Get rid of old coupons
*Update my savings sheet since I transferred money to pay an extra car payment and be a little bit ahead.
*Work on my grocery list for NEXT week.
*Map out a game plan for my "52 weeks to getting organized" program
*Clip and place the coupons that I got in the mail yesterday in the appropriate little sheet.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WHAT a meal Wednesdays!

Today is grocery ad day! I LOVE this day. This is the day of the week that you get to pull out your ads and your coupons and mix and match those bargains.

**IN STORE means I downloaded it to my KROGER card from their website**

**I will MAINLY post KROGER and WALGREENS specials.*

MUST HAVES this week at Kroger are:
*Kroger cheese B1G1 FREE!
*Milk and Orange Juice 3 for $5
*Hillshire Farm lunch meat (uploaded instore coupon for .75 + I have a $1.00 off)
*Pillsbury cake mix $1.00 each (perfect buy for that Easter cake)
*Kroger bread and buns $1.00 each
*Kraft BBQ sauce $1.00 each (I have a $1.00 coupon so for me its free!)
*Suave deo for .88! Now THATS a good deal! I plan to buy 2 just to stock up.

These are the bargains I plan to get. BUT... I have lots of other things to LOOK at!

Pillsbury Cresecent rolls-I have an in store coupon for 1.00 off 2 + I have a regular coupon for .40 cents off which will double. SO... on 2 cresecent rolls I have $1.80 off--so thats worth checking into!

Totino's pizzas! I know these aren't healthy but they are sooo nice to have around. And I always add mozzerela to the top! I have an instore coupon for $1.00 off of 5 pizzas + I have a regular coupon for the same thing. Typically these are around $1.00 each so this could be a GREAT buy!

I have a coupon for a FREE cup of YOPLAIT yogurt that I plan to get today!

I have a coupon for a FREE Philadelphia Cooking Cream. I plan to get this!

I have a coupon for $1.50 off Philadelphia Cooking Cream + in store coupon of .75 cents off... so I need to find out how much these things run! This could be a HUGE bargain!

We need mustard at our house! I have a .40 cent off coupon on FRENCH's new mustard line(honey, spicy brown, etc), and a .30 cent off regular mustard. BOth of these coupons will double so it comes down to which one is the better deal. Maybe I can get them both?

Salad dressing! we are about out! I have $1.00 off 2 Kraft dressings and .40 cents off Wishbone(which will double) it all comes down to price.

Men's DOVE product (deo or body wash). I have an in-store coupon for $1.00 off 1, plus $1.00 regular coupon that I recieved in the mail for filling out the info for a free sample. SO... this could be a bargain or could be something thats still cheaper elsewhere.

Seventh Generation products are 25% off. I have NEVER used them but my sister does and evidentally they are organic and great... SO... with them being 25% off PLUS I have an in store coupon of $1.00 any Seventh Generation item, its worth a look at least.

Don't forget this week that LYSOL products still have a HUGE deal going on! Buy 4 items and get $4 off. PLUS they are already on sale, PLUS if you registered at LYSOL like I told you to last week then you would be saving an ADDITIONAL 2 bucks off that which means $16 worth of products(if you look at the regular prices) for $4 dollars. WOWZERS!

What do your meals like from today to next Wednesday?

Here is what WE will be eating:

Wednesday-tonight I don't have to cook. dinner at a friends house. :)
Thursday-crockpot chicken
Saturday-Chicken fettucini alfredo
Sunday-grilled chicken, red potatoes
Tuesday-my madeup recipe of rice, salsa and hamburger meat. :) Don't know what its called!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tackle a Task Tuesday- April 12th

Well, I wish I had started this yesterday...but I didn't. So we will jump RIGHT in to Tuesday!

Tackle it Tuesday--what will you tackle? One thing I have learned on my journey through life is that if I go home, change clothes and sit down its ALLLL over. I will NEVER get back up. BUT if I go home, change clothes, put on running shoes and have a few projects to get done first--then I ALWAYS feel accomplished!

So here's the deal... you have to have something to tackle. We ALL are busy. We ALL are tired. But we ALL desire to get things done. So... just DO IT!

Today I will go home and before enjoying my dvr'd shows from the day I will do the following:

Start thawing hamburger meat for the spaghetti (1 minute)
Put the clothes in the washer into the dryer (2 minutes)
Wash our sheets that are piled up in the floor (2 minutes)
Vaccum the living room and bedroom (10 minutes)
Dust master bedroom and living room (5 minutes)
Sweep the front porch area (10 minutes)

30 minutes? WOW! I got a lot done.

We are threw with our TASK #1 for organizing this week so luckily thats all I have to tackle.

What will you tackle today?

Weekly Wonders

I am EXTATIC to launch a new tab on my blog :)


Weekly Wonders goes like this...there will be a post Monday-Friday that will be a consistent theme. Here's what I mean...

MONEY MONDAYS-this is where you can read about making money, saving money, what to do with money, HOW to save, HOW to make money, my updates and basically ANYTHING money!

TACKLE IT TUESDAY-this is the day when you can read about my progress on "52 weeks to getting organized". You can see pics of before and after, and read about how I did it, how long it took and the mistakes I made :) You can get advice here on de-cluttering, organizing your life from your finances to your closets.

WHAT A MEAL WEDNEDAYS- Wednesday will be the day that we talk about meal planning. HOW to do it, HOW much each meal should cost, what I spent on food that week, what my meals were. Updates on progress and new ideas. This will also include shopping tips, coupons for food, deals for the week on food.

THINK INSIDE THE BOOK THURSDAYS- this is the day we talk about MY BOOK! And how YOU can make your very own. :) How to keep your book updated. What to add to it. When its time to change it up. EVERYTHING MYBOOK will be thursdays!

FRUGAL FRIDAYS-coupon roundups for the week. Frugal weekend plans. FREE things to do for the weekend. Coupons for restaurants, etc.

Sound fun? Are you in?

I chose the name WEEKLY WONDERS because on my journey through coupons, money issues, saving money, living frugally and decluttering my life to be that of a more minimalistic lifestyle I have discovered that it REALLY only takes a few minutes a day and a few conscious decisions to make things happen. You don't need to spend all day every day to save money and live cheaper--you just need a daily task to keep you on track. So WEEKLY WONDERS came about because in a few weeks you will be AMAZED at how your life has changed...for the better :)


I am adding a new tab to my blog! Be sure and look out for it coming ASAP!

Free Eucerin Sample-facebook

Friend EUCERIN on facebook and take the "Challenge". The challenge being protecting your skin.

You will recieve 2 free samples in 4-6 weeks. Takes about 1 minutes to fill out the info! So go-get your free stuff!! :)

My journey-"from having it all to getting rid of it all"

My journey through minimalism has only just begun. I realize that now :)

It's small steps for me. It's looking at 27 purses and deciding which ones I actually NEED to keep. It's throwing things away and not digging them back out. It's cleaning out closets and actually THROWING STUFF AWAY instead of just reorganizing the clutter.

I'm not good at parting with things... but I want to have less stuff so bad! I really feel convicted about this. I feel like I have always just had everything and I took it for grantit. If I wanted a shirt, I bought it. If I wanted another pair of heels, I bought them. So its been a journey (even though I consider myself still on step one) for me as I decide what to part with and what NOT to part with.

Here are things I will NEVER part matter how much room they take up...
1. My collection of movie stubs saved over the past 15 years, old cards, handwritten letters from family and friends and all the little post its my sisters used to leave on my bathroom mirror, old drawings that I made as a kid or the ones that Ava makes.

2. Outfits that I or Ava wore as kids. Those "First" little outfits... I will NEVER part with those.

3. My Wizard of Oz collection. No way, no how will that EVER go away.

4. PICTURES! I will NEVER throw a picture away. Even if its of me and an ex or me an a friend that I no longer speak to... I do not part with pictures.

5. Cds. Movies can go if they must,but my cd collection will always be with me.

I realize that sounds like a LOT but I will keep it together as much as I can. Some things you just can't part with... no matter how much space it takes up.

What about you? what are those things that you can't live without?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Christmas so far...

I find it a SUCCESS when it is April 11th and I have all but 3 people's gifts bought for Christmas! Of course those people are my husband and daughter and best friend... but still!!! i have done well.

I have hit up bargains, I have shopped online, I have thought ahead, I have budgeted what I can spent and I have a goal in mind of when to have it allll done!

I LIVE for Christmas. That is without a doubt my FAVORITE time of year... and nearing the holidays knowing I am not done and have things to get done just makes me crazy! i think the holidays should be about parties, and watching good ol' movies, and starting a fire to cozy up to... not shopping, and spending way too much money! I have always been on top of things but this year I just REALLLY want to be done with it and sit back(by July) and not have to worry about it :)

Christmas stresses people out and makes them worry about credit cards and last minute gifts---AGGGHHH!!! I don't want to be there... and i'm so glad that I have a plan mapped out and feel comfortable with it.

So... what about you? Have you been planning ahead? Let me hear YOUR sucesses! :

Week #1 of Organization

I mentioned last week that I TOTALLY decided that we have to jump on board with the idea of 52 weeks to an organized life. I am so pumped!!

Week #1 should have been last week...but... well, now its this week. Last week got too crazy! So this week's project is to ORGANIZE OUR STORAGE ROOM AT HOME. Now that being said... this kinda becomes a 2 part deal. We have a storage room at home BUT we also rent a huge storage building for all the extra stuff. When you combine 2 households worth of items with a 4 wheeler and a duck boat, you have to have room. We sold the duck boat last week-THANK GOODNESS! Now I am a duck hunter myself but where we hunt we don't need the boat. SO we sold the boat and paid off a vehicle. SCORE!

Okay so this is a two parter--the reason is because we will take a lot of the items in our storage room at home to the storage building. The big storage building is NEXT week's project but it may become a 2 part - 2 week deal all together.

Here is what it looked like when i opened the DREADED door....

Now do you see why I am so pumped to get this thing going? How terrible is THIS?

After HOURS of diligent work... it now looks like this :) TADA! was more like 1 hour. REALLY wasn't that bad... once you just get in there and do it :) Thats the hard part...making yourself work!

Okay so it may not look AWESOME...but its TONS better. We took a lot of stuff to storage and the things that are left are:

the shop vac(which we need at home), my box of Christmas goodies that I have already bought, the extra car seat, a plastic bin of sidewalk chalk and bubbles(all the good outside stuff), and suitcases(in case we go somewhere... don't want to drive all the way across town to get them.)

Looks better, huh?

"MY book"

This is what I call it. It's MY book. It used to be my "Flybook" since I am obsessed with "FLYLADY" but for all practical purposes it now just goes by MY book. :) And I couldn't live without it.

A lot of couponers use baseball card pages to keep their coupons separated. SUCH A good idea... but i'm afraid if I did that I would go overboard. This keeps ME sane. It won't work for everybody but for me its perfect.

It's a 1 1/2 inch binder and it holds it all. I have my coupons separated into 4 catergories:

#1 Household items
#2 Beauty items (which I include toothpaste, toothbrushes in this)
#3 Food items
#4 All others (dog food, restaurant coupons)

The first clear sheet you will see is titled "TODAY'S ADVENTURE". Before I go to the store, whatever store it may be, I have my plan mapped out. I only have to look through this sheet to find what I am going to get today. It makes it MUCH easier BUT... I can't leave the book in the car because there may be an item that I didn't know was on sale and I need the other coupons handy...just in case. :)

Next part of the book is FLY LADY. I have this all crammed into one sheet. (Sheets are the clear plastic sleeve things.) I have my Flylady lists for the day, my "52 weeks of organizing" sheet, and my to-lo lists. This way I know that anything pertaining to home stuff involving cleaning, or organizing can all be found here.

Then I have my FOOD section. The food section has a menu chart where I list ALL of the meals I can make at any given point in time. Then behind that is weekly meal sheets where I have separated it out. I keep the MONTH list just so that its the first thing I see.

Then of course the shopping lists... gotta have these :) I try to keep it updated but you know how that gose.

Then I have "Current monthly budget and bills". Anytime I pay a bill online I put my printout in here, I keep a running list of my bills that I can scratch through as they are paid. This keeps from NEVER being late on anything.

And lastly is SAVINGS. I keep a running record of my savings account. I update it every 15 days with the new total. Sometimes the new total is from deposits and sometimes its from borrowing money from myself to pay something early, or something unexpected that came up. It's MUCH easier to have this one sheet than it is to keep a 3rd registry with me at all times. (I already have two from my account, then our joint account). I also keep CHRISTMAS sheets in my savings sheet. I know how much I saved towards Christmas, what I have purchased in regards to Christmas presents, and its all right there together.

Okay so thats MY book. What about you? how do YOU keep it all together?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cheap outfit #5

I've mentioned before that my friends and I were having a "Clothes swap party". It was SUCH a success. I gave up some items that I won't miss and gained some new found favorites. THIS shirt for example came from my "clothes swap party", the leggings came from Walmart for $5 bucks about 4 years ago... and the shoes. Well--they are MISS ME brand and I bought them at 85% off at a downtown boutique that I could NEVER shop in unless of course they are having sales. :) I paid $17 bucks for them which makes them the most expensive thing I have on in this picture.

Have you been doing better at buying cheaper items and putting cute outfits together on a budget?

FREEBIES from this week :)

This week I got my FREE sample of Philadlphia Cooking Cream coupon in the mail! YAY! Can't WAIT to try it!

And of course getting my free samples of Miracle Whip made my day :)

THEN today we got home from being gone all weekend and my husbands DOVE samples were waiting on us!!!

WHAT A GREAT FREEBIE WEEK! What did you get?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Everyday Coupon Book

If you are looking for a way to get started couponing i'd avoid watching "Extreme Couponing"... it may make you NOT try it! :)

Start simple by looking up blogs on coupons and how people do it. Or... check out this book at Click on the link beside this post for a GREAT chance to buy an awesome book at a super cheap price.

Friday, April 8, 2011

APRIL 2011

I'm pumped that its APRIL! That means spring(which also means sneezing, coughing, runny nose) and beautiful weather! It means its getting warmer and getting closer and closer to YARD SALE TIME :) I'm pretty sure thats my favorite event of the spring.

Okay so April goals:

*$150 at the grocery store (i'm allowing more this month b/c of needing extra items due to Easter)

*Put $1000 in savings

*Finish my Christmas money fund

*FROM APRIL-SEPTEMBER.... I will NOT buy me and Ava any clothes. (I managed to rack up for her at Rhea Lana consignment event and I myself racked up at the Clothes Swap Party I have mentioned previously. We don't need anything else. So i'm done)

*Purchase "Easter Bunny" items and spend under $6.00 (I already purchased the bigger item and the basket... so this really has already cost me too much)

*April is my NO WALGREENS month. I had to insist on this which really blows, BUT... I have all the items that I need. And frankly I need a month to USE them and catch up. :)

These are my goals...WHAT ARE YOURS?

March wrap up and on to April!

March was overall a success. My goal was to ONLY spend $100 dollars at the grocery store. I was about $14 dollars over by the end of the month. It was HARD! But I managed to keep a nice stock in the freezer of meats which means we STILL have 3 weeks of meals on hand right now! I'm proud of us :)

I managed to buy LOTS of household items at a fraction of the cost and keep my stock pile in tact without going nuts!

I managed to actually THROW away coupons!!! That was huge for me. I don't want to hang onto coupons that I don't want just because the item MAY go on sale and I could get it for free. If I don't need it or won't use it--THEN I DONT NEED THE COUPON! That was a huge step for me!

I have $175 dollars in my Christmas fund and my goal is $280. I figured out how I could buy EVERYONE on our list for $280 if I shop JUST right. So that means I am almost there.

We paid off my husbands sons vehicle, sold our boat, and have continued to make steps towards a debt free, hassle free, minimalistic life. And i'm SO happy!

How did YOU do?

Extreme Couponing

So... did you watch the premiere the other night on TLC? What did you think?! I REALLY want to know what you thought.

I follow a TON of blogs and I know that some are SUPER extreme. I am extreme enough for right now :) I can go to the grocery store and save 81% on my grocery bill--SUCCESS! But I can't go to the grocery and stock up on $1800 worth of stuff and pay $6 bucks out of pocket--its just not going to happen! I don't WANT all that stuff, I have NO room for all that stuff and for me and my family that doesn't make sense. I have learned to be happy where I am.

So what about you? Did it make you think about changing the way you did things?

When it comes to being "EXTREME" in the coupon world--what does that mean to you? Now its your turn to tell ME what you think! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

I WILL become an organizing junkie

Yep, you read that right. I WILL become an organizing junkie. It's just GOING to happen.

One of my new fav blogs is about organizing. Check it out HERE. 

In this blog there is a tab titled 52 days of Organizing. One of the FIRST things I did was start filling in the weeks. Every week on Friday she puts out a project to do which I totally intend to read and TRY to follow, but my big thing was to come up with 52 projects. Well folks, I have spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do and I only have 5. BUT that gives me 5 weeks to come up with more.

Is this something that could help out YOUR life? I am always telling my husband that my morning routines are just insane b/c there is always something in the car, and some things in the house, and I can't find this... I have to fix that. It's no one elses fault but my own and I intend to fix it.

SO... here goes. PROJECT #1-the storage room at our house. It's time to trash, tackle, give away, organize and get this thing going. STay tuned for pics and follow-ups :)

New favorite blogs

Just wanted to let the world know that I have some new favorite blogs.

Because I am a blogger I love reading other peoples writing and also because I am frugal(cheap, whatever) I enjoy reading others blogs on living frugally. I hope you find these enjoyable :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I love freebies :)

I love free stuff!! Free Jello temptations. They are DE-lish! I got mine today!!! Don't forget to check my blog daily for freebie updates! :)

Boat for sale

In an effort to get RID of things that we DONT have to have... my husband and I have listed our duck boat for sale.

Follow the link to see for yourself and be sure and tell a friend :)