Friday, April 8, 2011

March wrap up and on to April!

March was overall a success. My goal was to ONLY spend $100 dollars at the grocery store. I was about $14 dollars over by the end of the month. It was HARD! But I managed to keep a nice stock in the freezer of meats which means we STILL have 3 weeks of meals on hand right now! I'm proud of us :)

I managed to buy LOTS of household items at a fraction of the cost and keep my stock pile in tact without going nuts!

I managed to actually THROW away coupons!!! That was huge for me. I don't want to hang onto coupons that I don't want just because the item MAY go on sale and I could get it for free. If I don't need it or won't use it--THEN I DONT NEED THE COUPON! That was a huge step for me!

I have $175 dollars in my Christmas fund and my goal is $280. I figured out how I could buy EVERYONE on our list for $280 if I shop JUST right. So that means I am almost there.

We paid off my husbands sons vehicle, sold our boat, and have continued to make steps towards a debt free, hassle free, minimalistic life. And i'm SO happy!

How did YOU do?

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