Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Wonders

I am EXTATIC to launch a new tab on my blog :)


Weekly Wonders goes like this...there will be a post Monday-Friday that will be a consistent theme. Here's what I mean...

MONEY MONDAYS-this is where you can read about making money, saving money, what to do with money, HOW to save, HOW to make money, my updates and basically ANYTHING money!

TACKLE IT TUESDAY-this is the day when you can read about my progress on "52 weeks to getting organized". You can see pics of before and after, and read about how I did it, how long it took and the mistakes I made :) You can get advice here on de-cluttering, organizing your life from your finances to your closets.

WHAT A MEAL WEDNEDAYS- Wednesday will be the day that we talk about meal planning. HOW to do it, HOW much each meal should cost, what I spent on food that week, what my meals were. Updates on progress and new ideas. This will also include shopping tips, coupons for food, deals for the week on food.

THINK INSIDE THE BOOK THURSDAYS- this is the day we talk about MY BOOK! And how YOU can make your very own. :) How to keep your book updated. What to add to it. When its time to change it up. EVERYTHING MYBOOK will be thursdays!

FRUGAL FRIDAYS-coupon roundups for the week. Frugal weekend plans. FREE things to do for the weekend. Coupons for restaurants, etc.

Sound fun? Are you in?

I chose the name WEEKLY WONDERS because on my journey through coupons, money issues, saving money, living frugally and decluttering my life to be that of a more minimalistic lifestyle I have discovered that it REALLY only takes a few minutes a day and a few conscious decisions to make things happen. You don't need to spend all day every day to save money and live cheaper--you just need a daily task to keep you on track. So WEEKLY WONDERS came about because in a few weeks you will be AMAZED at how your life has changed...for the better :)

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