Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Fridays-April 15th


It's also the 15th... so, for a lot of people this is "payday" so one thing that I URGE you to be careful of is to not feel rich and decide to spend-spend-spend!!! That would be a HUGE mistake. It's so easy to make out a budget and stick to it...until payday. You HAVE TO HAVE DISCIPLINE!!!

I'm not saying don't treat yourself... we ALL Deserve treats-if we can afford them. It's so tempting to get paid and run and grab lunch(when you typically are bringing your lunch), then to run by Walmart and grab a few "extra" things. BE CAREFUL OF THIS. It's sooooo easy to do!

Here are a few ways to make sure you STICK TO YOUR BUDGET:

*PAY ALL your bills the day you get paid AND look over your budget and financial situation EVERY FRIDAY! If you think you have extra money you are more likely to blow it over the weekend than during the week. This could cause you a MAJOR BUDGET BUSTER.

*HAVE A PLAN! I know that weekends are for laying around and being lazy BUT if you have a few things planned you are less likely to get talked into meeting friends for dinner, going to the movie, running by and grabbing junk food. I know it seems silly...but the times we have BLOWN our budget are when its Friday and we don't really have a plan...then someone calls and invites us to dinner, then we hit up the mall on the way home-BAD BAD BAD! Make a plan! Have your meat set out to thaw already, or have your DVR's shows lined up for a quiet night in. OR already know that your friends are coming to your house.

AND some frugal weekend plans are...:

*Beautiful weather? hit up the local park. Take a walk downtown. Go on a hike. Go on an adventure walk and let the kiddos pick up some things (Ex: they have to find one pinecone, one one, 2 leaves...etc. They will think its fun, and you will enjoy it too. Plus your checkbook will thank you later.)

*Go camping! We don't even have a camper. We are 'improvising" with a delivery trailer my husband has. WE have a generator, a gas grill and all kinds of stuff that we can take for one night. Wouldn't be kozy for a week but its PERFECT for one night.

*Take your kids to a pond and go fishing.(If you have fishing poles already of course)

*Just simply stay at home and let the kids play while you rest, or organize, or watch a movie.

Weekends don't have to cost a bundle of money...but they tend to. So make a plan, pay your bills, and think up some free stuff to do this weekend!


Kara said...

Yes, lack of planning kills us every time. I read you Kroger blog. We live in Wal-mart country and there are no Krogers up here. I have been jealous of people that have several shopping options. I am concerned that all of the stores are about to make it impossible to get all the great deals because of all the couponing blogs. Couponing seems to be EVERYWHERE right now, even my friends who I didn't know were couponing are.

Jere and Cara said...

No Krogers? Thats insane!!!!!

It does seem to be that couponing is EVERYWHERE. I know that Kroger got screwed thanks to the chick on Extreme Couponing, so they changed their policy, BUT I still say there are GREAT deals out there. Food is harder to find cheaper, in MY opinion... but Walgreens will stand by their couponing policy which means that house products and beauty stuff is at least cheaper these days. But with the price of gas and food going up--I wouldn't be suprised if every person in the US has to start couponing.

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