Friday, April 8, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So... did you watch the premiere the other night on TLC? What did you think?! I REALLY want to know what you thought.

I follow a TON of blogs and I know that some are SUPER extreme. I am extreme enough for right now :) I can go to the grocery store and save 81% on my grocery bill--SUCCESS! But I can't go to the grocery and stock up on $1800 worth of stuff and pay $6 bucks out of pocket--its just not going to happen! I don't WANT all that stuff, I have NO room for all that stuff and for me and my family that doesn't make sense. I have learned to be happy where I am.

So what about you? Did it make you think about changing the way you did things?

When it comes to being "EXTREME" in the coupon world--what does that mean to you? Now its your turn to tell ME what you think! :)


Anna said...

I just caught up on all the episodes last night. I think this is a topic I might blog about, too! First, although it is amazing how much they save, but I just can't see how some of them would use all that stuff. It's like an addiction. Second, I really thought it was neat that Mr. Coupon donated all that cereal to his church's food bank. I would like to save a lot with couponing, but I wouldn't go to the extreme of dumpster diving for coupons or spending HOURS figuring every detail.

Jere and Cara said...

EXACTLY! Thats the hard part! how long do you spend each week getting your coupons together? The first week I spent about 6 hours and was about to give up. Now I have it down to about 30 minutes on Sundays and 20 on Wednesdays. I pick those days b/c thats when the paper/coupons come out in our area. Yesterday I saved 81% of my bill at Kroger and I was PUMPED... but I didn't really have anything EXTREME so to speak. Figuring out how to get all that stuff for free and then donating it and using it on your taxes would be GREAT!

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