Monday, April 11, 2011

Christmas so far...

I find it a SUCCESS when it is April 11th and I have all but 3 people's gifts bought for Christmas! Of course those people are my husband and daughter and best friend... but still!!! i have done well.

I have hit up bargains, I have shopped online, I have thought ahead, I have budgeted what I can spent and I have a goal in mind of when to have it allll done!

I LIVE for Christmas. That is without a doubt my FAVORITE time of year... and nearing the holidays knowing I am not done and have things to get done just makes me crazy! i think the holidays should be about parties, and watching good ol' movies, and starting a fire to cozy up to... not shopping, and spending way too much money! I have always been on top of things but this year I just REALLLY want to be done with it and sit back(by July) and not have to worry about it :)

Christmas stresses people out and makes them worry about credit cards and last minute gifts---AGGGHHH!!! I don't want to be there... and i'm so glad that I have a plan mapped out and feel comfortable with it.

So... what about you? Have you been planning ahead? Let me hear YOUR sucesses! :

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