Monday, April 11, 2011

"MY book"

This is what I call it. It's MY book. It used to be my "Flybook" since I am obsessed with "FLYLADY" but for all practical purposes it now just goes by MY book. :) And I couldn't live without it.

A lot of couponers use baseball card pages to keep their coupons separated. SUCH A good idea... but i'm afraid if I did that I would go overboard. This keeps ME sane. It won't work for everybody but for me its perfect.

It's a 1 1/2 inch binder and it holds it all. I have my coupons separated into 4 catergories:

#1 Household items
#2 Beauty items (which I include toothpaste, toothbrushes in this)
#3 Food items
#4 All others (dog food, restaurant coupons)

The first clear sheet you will see is titled "TODAY'S ADVENTURE". Before I go to the store, whatever store it may be, I have my plan mapped out. I only have to look through this sheet to find what I am going to get today. It makes it MUCH easier BUT... I can't leave the book in the car because there may be an item that I didn't know was on sale and I need the other coupons handy...just in case. :)

Next part of the book is FLY LADY. I have this all crammed into one sheet. (Sheets are the clear plastic sleeve things.) I have my Flylady lists for the day, my "52 weeks of organizing" sheet, and my to-lo lists. This way I know that anything pertaining to home stuff involving cleaning, or organizing can all be found here.

Then I have my FOOD section. The food section has a menu chart where I list ALL of the meals I can make at any given point in time. Then behind that is weekly meal sheets where I have separated it out. I keep the MONTH list just so that its the first thing I see.

Then of course the shopping lists... gotta have these :) I try to keep it updated but you know how that gose.

Then I have "Current monthly budget and bills". Anytime I pay a bill online I put my printout in here, I keep a running list of my bills that I can scratch through as they are paid. This keeps from NEVER being late on anything.

And lastly is SAVINGS. I keep a running record of my savings account. I update it every 15 days with the new total. Sometimes the new total is from deposits and sometimes its from borrowing money from myself to pay something early, or something unexpected that came up. It's MUCH easier to have this one sheet than it is to keep a 3rd registry with me at all times. (I already have two from my account, then our joint account). I also keep CHRISTMAS sheets in my savings sheet. I know how much I saved towards Christmas, what I have purchased in regards to Christmas presents, and its all right there together.

Okay so thats MY book. What about you? how do YOU keep it all together?


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