Monday, April 11, 2011

Week #1 of Organization

I mentioned last week that I TOTALLY decided that we have to jump on board with the idea of 52 weeks to an organized life. I am so pumped!!

Week #1 should have been last week...but... well, now its this week. Last week got too crazy! So this week's project is to ORGANIZE OUR STORAGE ROOM AT HOME. Now that being said... this kinda becomes a 2 part deal. We have a storage room at home BUT we also rent a huge storage building for all the extra stuff. When you combine 2 households worth of items with a 4 wheeler and a duck boat, you have to have room. We sold the duck boat last week-THANK GOODNESS! Now I am a duck hunter myself but where we hunt we don't need the boat. SO we sold the boat and paid off a vehicle. SCORE!

Okay so this is a two parter--the reason is because we will take a lot of the items in our storage room at home to the storage building. The big storage building is NEXT week's project but it may become a 2 part - 2 week deal all together.

Here is what it looked like when i opened the DREADED door....

Now do you see why I am so pumped to get this thing going? How terrible is THIS?

After HOURS of diligent work... it now looks like this :) TADA! was more like 1 hour. REALLY wasn't that bad... once you just get in there and do it :) Thats the hard part...making yourself work!

Okay so it may not look AWESOME...but its TONS better. We took a lot of stuff to storage and the things that are left are:

the shop vac(which we need at home), my box of Christmas goodies that I have already bought, the extra car seat, a plastic bin of sidewalk chalk and bubbles(all the good outside stuff), and suitcases(in case we go somewhere... don't want to drive all the way across town to get them.)

Looks better, huh?

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