Friday, April 8, 2011

APRIL 2011

I'm pumped that its APRIL! That means spring(which also means sneezing, coughing, runny nose) and beautiful weather! It means its getting warmer and getting closer and closer to YARD SALE TIME :) I'm pretty sure thats my favorite event of the spring.

Okay so April goals:

*$150 at the grocery store (i'm allowing more this month b/c of needing extra items due to Easter)

*Put $1000 in savings

*Finish my Christmas money fund

*FROM APRIL-SEPTEMBER.... I will NOT buy me and Ava any clothes. (I managed to rack up for her at Rhea Lana consignment event and I myself racked up at the Clothes Swap Party I have mentioned previously. We don't need anything else. So i'm done)

*Purchase "Easter Bunny" items and spend under $6.00 (I already purchased the bigger item and the basket... so this really has already cost me too much)

*April is my NO WALGREENS month. I had to insist on this which really blows, BUT... I have all the items that I need. And frankly I need a month to USE them and catch up. :)

These are my goals...WHAT ARE YOURS?

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