Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tackle a task Tuesday-April 19th

I mentioned to you LAST week that I think everyone should have a task to do EVERY single day. Makes organizing and cleaning seem LESS stressful... I should take my own advice sometimes. I have let some things pile UUUPPP at my house and its annoying.

So today I will tackle yet another task. My task for today is to continue working on my daughters room. Her room was the project for the week for my 52 weeks to organiziation. I started last night.... but my oh my this is a chore!

Todays task:

Continue working on the room
THROW 10 things away (papers, old socks, plastic cups-whatever)
Go through my coupons and make sure they are up to date since tomorrow is WEDNESDAY which means grocery ads come out

What about you? What tasks will you tackle today?

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