Friday, May 17, 2013

That costs HOW much?

I know I have harped on this before... but if you took away insurances (all types--dental, health,car, etc) think about how much more money you would have every month? 


From my diamond engagement ring, to our home, to special insurances for guns, dental, health, car, life... the list goes on... we are one INSURED society. And it can suck your checking account DRY in a hurry. 

So what are some ways to cut back on insurance?

1. CALL AROUND!! Get the best rates. here's the deal... when you get a quote on insurance (mainly car insurance) they ask for your Social Security number. They run your credit--HOWEVER it's different. It does not give your credit a hit. It's called an IS score. (insurance score) and it is NOT a hard inquiry on your credit. So you have NO reason not to call every place in town! And TELL THEM that's what you are doing. You think there aren't little things insurance companies can do to lower your rates? THERE ARE. Trust me. Search for cheap auto insurance quotes that will be testing the cheap rate coverage waters FOR YOU! Saves you the trouble :)

2. If your home insurance/renters insurance covers, don't add additional!
That beautiful ring, that awesome big screen, and those shiny pistols... if your home insurance covers them (and it can and SHOULD because its cheaper that way) then don't buy an additional policy. There is no such thing as double coverage. If your house gets robbed and your tv gets stolen and you have that covered by your home insurance AND best buys plan... you don't get paid for it twice. So this is a lose-lose situation.

3. COMBINE when you can. Having a lot of policies together is CHEAPER. home, auto, motorcycle, RV, ring, life, health... stack em ALL together!

Hope that helps :) don't let these essentials suck you dry!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I saved $1000 on a new refrigerator!

It was actually very easy. I kept the one I had :)

Let me explain...

The fridge we have is, well, it has character. Which is just a fancy way of saying that it's old. And it's the truth, BUT, it still works fine. But its lacking in the fashionable department. The new house we are buying (EXCITING!!!!) has all black appliances. So our white fridge would stick out for more than one reason. We began pricing some and HOLY COW! How do people afford new appliances? So then I decided to go the used route. That is how we bought our washer and dryer a few years back. I got a wonderful deal on them and they are still working and look GREAT! But even a used fridge was outrageous.

So I did some searching and thanks to Pinterest I decided to paint mine! My husband was skeptical at first and I was too, but it was worth a shot. We spent less than $30 bucks on supplies and if it didn't work then we had only invested 30 bucks in the old thing. And if it did work then CONGRATS to us because we just saved a boat load of money!!

I think it turned out great... what do you think?!?! Now I can buy a new dining room table instead of a new fridge :) And that is WAY more exciting!!!

TADA! :)