Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My journey-"from having it all to getting rid of it all"

My journey through minimalism has only just begun. I realize that now :)

It's small steps for me. It's looking at 27 purses and deciding which ones I actually NEED to keep. It's throwing things away and not digging them back out. It's cleaning out closets and actually THROWING STUFF AWAY instead of just reorganizing the clutter.

I'm not good at parting with things... but I want to have less stuff so bad! I really feel convicted about this. I feel like I have always just had everything and I took it for grantit. If I wanted a shirt, I bought it. If I wanted another pair of heels, I bought them. So its been a journey (even though I consider myself still on step one) for me as I decide what to part with and what NOT to part with.

Here are things I will NEVER part with...no matter how much room they take up...
1. My collection of movie stubs saved over the past 15 years, old cards, handwritten letters from family and friends and all the little post its my sisters used to leave on my bathroom mirror, old drawings that I made as a kid or the ones that Ava makes.

2. Outfits that I or Ava wore as kids. Those "First" little outfits... I will NEVER part with those.

3. My Wizard of Oz collection. No way, no how will that EVER go away.

4. PICTURES! I will NEVER throw a picture away. Even if its of me and an ex or me an a friend that I no longer speak to... I do not part with pictures.

5. Cds. Movies can go if they must,but my cd collection will always be with me.

I realize that sounds like a LOT but I will keep it together as much as I can. Some things you just can't part with... no matter how much space it takes up.

What about you? what are those things that you can't live without?

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