Monday, April 25, 2011

Money Monday-April 25th

So its that dreaded day that we talk about MONEY!

I must confess... I didn't BLOW my budget this pay period but I sure didn't do as good as I had hoped for.

*I spent extra money buying things to get organized (I realize thats not a waste, but it still took me over what I had planned to use for spending money)

*we spent way too much on coke and popcorn at the movies(although I WILL say that we spent more up front to get the year long refillable bucket so in the long run we saved about 40 bucks (I did the math) but still... hadn't planned on that....

*I got lazy last week and didn't keep up with reciepts, spent more on gas out of pocket than I planned on (I get a gas allowance at work but with gas being $4 bucks a gallon it doesn't go as far)

So I have to do some better planning. I think one thing that I am REALLLLY bad at is not allowing enough "stretch room" in my budget. I make it so rigid that I get dissapointed in myself if I go over, and really I should have some more room to wiggle the numbers.

I guess my lesson for today is that even though I have used the same type budget now for about 4 months and its WORKED for me.... that doesn't mean there isn't room for change and improvement.

How did you do this month?

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