Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WHAT a meal Wednesdays!

Today is grocery ad day! I LOVE this day. This is the day of the week that you get to pull out your ads and your coupons and mix and match those bargains.

**IN STORE means I downloaded it to my KROGER card from their website**

**I will MAINLY post KROGER and WALGREENS specials.*

MUST HAVES this week at Kroger are:
*Kroger cheese B1G1 FREE!
*Milk and Orange Juice 3 for $5
*Hillshire Farm lunch meat (uploaded instore coupon for .75 + I have a $1.00 off)
*Pillsbury cake mix $1.00 each (perfect buy for that Easter cake)
*Kroger bread and buns $1.00 each
*Kraft BBQ sauce $1.00 each (I have a $1.00 coupon so for me its free!)
*Suave deo for .88! Now THATS a good deal! I plan to buy 2 just to stock up.

These are the bargains I plan to get. BUT... I have lots of other things to LOOK at!

Pillsbury Cresecent rolls-I have an in store coupon for 1.00 off 2 + I have a regular coupon for .40 cents off which will double. SO... on 2 cresecent rolls I have $1.80 off--so thats worth checking into!

Totino's pizzas! I know these aren't healthy but they are sooo nice to have around. And I always add mozzerela to the top! I have an instore coupon for $1.00 off of 5 pizzas + I have a regular coupon for the same thing. Typically these are around $1.00 each so this could be a GREAT buy!

I have a coupon for a FREE cup of YOPLAIT yogurt that I plan to get today!

I have a coupon for a FREE Philadelphia Cooking Cream. I plan to get this!

I have a coupon for $1.50 off Philadelphia Cooking Cream + in store coupon of .75 cents off... so I need to find out how much these things run! This could be a HUGE bargain!

We need mustard at our house! I have a .40 cent off coupon on FRENCH's new mustard line(honey, spicy brown, etc), and a .30 cent off regular mustard. BOth of these coupons will double so it comes down to which one is the better deal. Maybe I can get them both?

Salad dressing! we are about out! I have $1.00 off 2 Kraft dressings and .40 cents off Wishbone(which will double) it all comes down to price.

Men's DOVE product (deo or body wash). I have an in-store coupon for $1.00 off 1, plus $1.00 regular coupon that I recieved in the mail for filling out the info for a free sample. SO... this could be a bargain or could be something thats still cheaper elsewhere.

Seventh Generation products are 25% off. I have NEVER used them but my sister does and evidentally they are organic and great... SO... with them being 25% off PLUS I have an in store coupon of $1.00 any Seventh Generation item, its worth a look at least.

Don't forget this week that LYSOL products still have a HUGE deal going on! Buy 4 items and get $4 off. PLUS they are already on sale, PLUS if you registered at LYSOL like I told you to last week then you would be saving an ADDITIONAL 2 bucks off that which means $16 worth of products(if you look at the regular prices) for $4 dollars. WOWZERS!

What do your meals like from today to next Wednesday?

Here is what WE will be eating:

Wednesday-tonight I don't have to cook. dinner at a friends house. :)
Thursday-crockpot chicken
Saturday-Chicken fettucini alfredo
Sunday-grilled chicken, red potatoes
Tuesday-my madeup recipe of rice, salsa and hamburger meat. :) Don't know what its called!

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