Thursday, April 14, 2011

ALERT****Kroger croupon policy CHANGE


Okay so today I ran to Kroger. I had just a few things to pick up but of course I coupons for most of them.

I purchased 2 Pillsbury cresent roll tube things. I had a KROGER coupon uploaded to my card PLUS a .40 cent off coupon that would be doubled.

Well... when she was going through my coupons to scan them she said "Oh I can't scan this coupon hun, you have already used a Pillsbury coupon." I politely tried to correct her and she said "Nope--we have had a policy change."

I was in a hurry and it was only 80 cents SO I left... and called the store while driving home. The manager I spoke with said YES, on MOST items you cannot use a manufacturers coupon AND a Kroger coupon. She said when all of the stores had officially made ALLL the "new coupon policy" changes it will be posted.

Grr... fellow couponers---this is NOT good!

I politely told the manager that I was sorry to hear that and that except for a few things I would go back to being a Wal-Mart shopper. Kroger is WAY more expensive on MOST things but they double coupons AND have good instore coupons so I have been going there since I started my coupon adventures... But now... nope. I am afraid, sigh, that my Kroger days may have come to an end!


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