Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tackle a Task Tuesday- April 12th

Well, I wish I had started this yesterday...but I didn't. So we will jump RIGHT in to Tuesday!

Tackle it Tuesday--what will you tackle? One thing I have learned on my journey through life is that if I go home, change clothes and sit down its ALLLL over. I will NEVER get back up. BUT if I go home, change clothes, put on running shoes and have a few projects to get done first--then I ALWAYS feel accomplished!

So here's the deal... you have to have something to tackle. We ALL are busy. We ALL are tired. But we ALL desire to get things done. So... just DO IT!

Today I will go home and before enjoying my dvr'd shows from the day I will do the following:

Start thawing hamburger meat for the spaghetti (1 minute)
Put the clothes in the washer into the dryer (2 minutes)
Wash our sheets that are piled up in the floor (2 minutes)
Vaccum the living room and bedroom (10 minutes)
Dust master bedroom and living room (5 minutes)
Sweep the front porch area (10 minutes)

30 minutes? WOW! I got a lot done.

We are threw with our TASK #1 for organizing this week so luckily thats all I have to tackle.

What will you tackle today?

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