Saturday, December 29, 2012

After Christmas bargains

After Christmas sales are my favorite! I get so excited. I rarely go after the actual "Christmas" items, I'm more for the non-Christmas blowouts instead! 

3 essentials that I ALWAYS pick up that are Christmas items:

-wrapping paper
-bows and ribbons

That being said, I only go after these items every other year. I buy enough to last. 

** I don't recommend stocking up items for ANYONE on ANY item if you don't have the room for it! Nothing junks up a house and gets you more qualified for an episode of hoarders than having more stuff than you have space. 

*We have 2 barns. Yes, 2. One of which is dedicated the "Seasons and Events barns." I keep wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, and sorts of home decor for the holidays in here. It's out of our way, we NEVER go in that barn except to get something specific so it's not in our way. 

Okay-- I had to say that :) 

I go after regular items that are hugely discounted. I wish I could say everything I bought but my family reads my blogs from time to time and I would hate to ruin next years Christmas for them. :) Let's just say that I am already completely done shopping for my 2 sisters, my parents, both brother in laws, one niece, next years school teachers!! 

Belk had a HUGE sale, Bath and Body had a massive sale, and pretty much every store around had huge discounts and incentives. I have harped on this before in many posts. It's so important to me to buy nice gifts for people without spending all the money! After Christmas is without a doubt the BEST time to buy on almost anything! 

While I say NO very often to spending unnecessary money, buying bargains NOW will only help you LATER!

What about you?! Did you find any good bargains this year?! 

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