Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 months of bargains: UPDATE

In case you missed the first post, check it out HERE!

SO far, so good. I have already come up with a few conclusions about items that are cheaper elsewhere, BUT, I am sticking with the plan!

I have 15 more days left to do my shopping at Walmart. I have determined thus far that:

1. Their meat department BLOWS. It's an awful selection and it is SO expensive!!! WOW--I am so ready to get to Kroger. I miss their meat.

2. Their household/beauty item prices aren't THAT much lower than Krogers. I have always said that Kroger is where I would buy my food but we all needed a Wal-Mart close by for facewash, tampons, makeup, and cleaning products. I'm starting to think that's not true... with coupons I bet I could at least MEET if not BEAT Walmart's prices... i'm anxious to find out.

3. Walmart is a dirty store. Don't they have a cleaning crew somewhere? It's just gross...

Walmart, you have NOT impressed me enough to make me stay here, but I am a trooper so I will finish out this month with you... and then I hope to NEVER return.

Things that are cheaper:
tuna fish. I noticed that right off the bat because I buy about 10 cans a month!
Snack food (fruit snacks for Ava's lunch, chips, etc)

Now i'm not saying that other people couldn't save a TON by shopping at Walmart. I am strictly going off of MY list. And for the Matthews household... Walmart didn't save us any money.

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