Thursday, March 3, 2011

Along the journey there are goals

Or at least there should be :)

Jere was asking me the other night when I seemed to be a bit frustrated while looking through piles of coupons and grocery ads what my GOAL of all this was. I expressed to him that I didn't want it to be ME, I wanted it to be US. Even if I am the one that does the work I don't want to be his "crazy frugal wife". I want it to be that WE are the crazy frugal husband and wife. ya know? It's important to have that support.

Goals of coupon clipping for ME is to spend next to nothing on house hold items. I know I have said that before but its important to remind myself. I also have added tylenol, kids medicine, toothpaste, etc to that list. So far... so good.

My goal is to have a fairly good size stock pile of those items. TP, paper towels, tooth paste, detergent, floss, cleaning products, tylenol, childrens ibuprofen, etc. I want to at all time be covered for a while. Not some crazy, hoarding amounts but you know what I mean :)

I ALSO have a goal of mananging my regular "Grocery bill" with under $150 for a month. That forces me to plan meals, think ahead, look for bargains and NOT make quick trips into the store. Thats where you loose your behind. :)

And my OVERALL goal by saving this money on items using coupons, and being frugal is to have more money in savings. I believe its important to have money in savings so by saving money elsewhere--i can put money into my savings account.

Long term goal--no debt in 2 years, $10,000 in savings. If that means continuing to rent for the next few years then so be it. If that means living like a crazy coupon clipper for the next few years-then bring it! i can handle it! I have goals in mind and I am gonna stick to them!

What are your goals? Do you fear you won't meet them? What do you have to do TO meet your goals??

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