Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where do you get all that!?!

I have been asked what are the safe places to go for coupons and deals.

First of all... you WILL be asked to download something. But DONT do it if its a toolbar. What you are downloading is the ability to print coupons that will ACTUALLY SCAN at the stores. You MUST download that and it does no harm to your computer.

I tried, had to download a toolbar and my computer friend the next day. Some people have had success with the, but its not worth saving a couple bucks if it screws up my computer. is the place I get MOST of the coupons at.,, and other blogs are the BEST places to get them.

I have post a blog before about having help along the way. Click here to be directed to it. This blog gives you other blogs to read. Now you can read those other blogs but you can't forget about yours truly :) in all seriousness, these other blogs will connect you to more coupons and savings etc.

walgreens puts out a coupon book EVERY single month. Be sure and get yours in the store, or download it onine. allows you to print coupons (which are actually from a well) and you can upload digital coupons to your card.

You have to stay on top of it! you have to check when the ads and coupons come out and compare and figure out your game plan!!!

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