Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My coupon search

Last night when getting ready for bed I realized that I was out of two things...almost. Face wash and vaseline. I have had a terrible cold the past few days and have been putting vaseline on my nose at night b/c my skin is peeling. :( I also use it on my arms (I have excema) so anyway I go through a lot of vaseline. ANd I'm almost out of Clean and clear daily pore cleanser which I have used every day of my life since I was 15. I went to write it on my list and thought... hmm... I wonder if I could find some coupons!

well... I did! I simply googled clean and clear coupons and it popped up to their website, I filled out my info AND I got a $2.00 off any product coupon. Same thing for vaseline.

I guess this goes to show that before I buy ANYTHING .. I need to check for a coupon first! It's actually worked out perfectly!! :)

Have you found any good deals lately just simply by googling?

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