Monday, March 14, 2011

More success for Walgreens 3rd week of March, 2011

I did GREAT this week.

2 boxes of Fiber one granola bars
2 boxes aluminum foil
2 organic shampoos
1 Aussie shampoo
1 Aussie hairspray
2 boxes panty liners
2 bottles of Clorox toilet Cleaner
1 bottle Purex detergent
3 bottles Purex new fabric softner
1 DIAL super hydrating lotion
2 Irish Spring deo's for my hubs

Out of Pocket expense: $12.50 (I had RR's to use, plus coupons, plus sale items)

AND... I walked away with $14.00 in RR to spend at Walgreens again :)

I did AWESOME! YAY! how did you do this week? Get some good stuff?

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Jere and Cara said...

Keep in mind I had to check out about 14 times to get all of this due to RR's being spent and RR's being USED!

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