Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BEWARE of the Dollar Store

I started this blog a few weeks ago and every $1 store trip I make I take a notepad. There are some good AND bad things at the Dollar store. How many times are you in there and think "its just a dollar.." well... you could be wrong in thinking that.

#1- dishwasher stuff is bad. The boxes are tiny and if you compare ounce to dollar spent its WAY cheaper anywhere else.

#2-aluminum foil. I got burned on that one. NOT a good deal at all!

#3- Hairbrushes--I found this one the night I got my bangs cut. I went in to buy a round brush and the only one they had was in a set of 3 brushes with a mirror. SCORE. NOT!!!! Those brushes couldn't brush doll hair. TERRIBLE waste of $1.

#4- canned veggies, hamburger helper, brownie mix, cookie mix. They are SMALLER portions. You gotta look out for that.

#4-juices, cokes, water bottles. You never get as many as you would if you bought them at WM or Kroger.

#5-crayons. They are cheap, crappy crayons that break. OR they have the nice brands but there are only like 4 in a box. Something silly.

The list will continue I promise... AND just today my friend emailed me a list similar to this which kinda sucks b/c I wanted to get this posted first. :) BUT... here ya go!

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