Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LOOK for these at your local Dollar Store

Along with the cons, come the pros of course :)

#1-dishwashing soap. Not FOR your dishwasher but the handwashing stuff you keep by the sink. ALWAYS a good deal.

#2-kids toys. I guess this is a pro AND a con but if you think about it... it IS a dollar and your kid will be entertained. So if you promised your youngen a toy for NOT having an accident or for getting smilies all week...hit up the dollar store.

#3- COLORING BOOKS! Very good deal!

#4-makeup. I know you are laughing. But i'm the woman that wears dollar store makeup. They get the brand NYC which is in the 4 dollar range at WM, and I can buy it ALL there for a dollar. My eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara AND blush are all from the Dollar store.

#5- nail polish, nail files, pedicure stuff... very good deal.

#6- birthday cards, baloon, invitations, bags for presents. ALL a very good deal.

#7- Holiday stuff. Some of it is...well...CRAP...but a lot of times if you look hard enough they have cute little christmas candy jars, or Easter stuff that doesn't look like its only a dollar. Those are STEALS!

I know there are more and I will continue the list.

Here is the yahoo list again. ...

And after reading it as i just did (again, I started this blog a while back)... I disagree with their take on batteries. I have found them to be AWESOME and just 1 buck!

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