Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walgreens Success March 27th

I did GREAT today at Walgreens!!! The paper was FULL of excellent coupons PLUS Walgreens had some really good sales!

I bought:

2 Clean and Clear Body Washes
1 Clean and Clear face Wash
1 Lady Speed Stick deo
1 package of 8 10x13 envelopes
1 package of Scooby Doo toothbrushes
1 ring pop :)
2 tubes of toothpaste
2 toothbrushes
1 bottle of Gain dish detergent
2 packages of BIC Soleil razors for women
2 bottles of mens EDGE shaving cream

OUT of POCKET SPENT: $24 dollars
RR rewards earned: 15

I'd say all in all it was a VERY successful trip :)

The ring pop and Scooby Doo toothbrushes weren't on sale or on the list...but how can you resist those big blue eyes??? :)

RAZORS were an awesome deal. Used the $2.00 coupon from the paper(and of course I got two papers so I had 2 coupons), the Edge shaving cream was an awesome deal and I had the coupon from LAST weeks paper saved for that. The clean and clear body wash was GREAT b/c it was on sale at Walgreens PLUS I had a b1g1 coupon from todays paper... and my best deal of the day in my opinion was the Clean and Clear facewash. I ALWAYS buy this, I have used this for about 9 years now and its NEVER on sale. SO to pay right at 3 bucks for it made me feel awesome!!

We needed new toothbrushes and to get them for $1 out of pocket was fantastic! The envelopes were a GREAT deal b/c I sell a TON of stuff on ebay. The only way to truly make money on ebay is to price things right, save on shipping by not promising things super fast AND to buy your packing supplies when they are SUPER DUPER cheap!

How did YOU do today??


Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome deals!

I bought groceries for the next few days $20 ish.

Tofu, sweet potato, onions, carrots, fruits (banana, oranges and strawberries), and some miso.

Jere and Cara said...

WOW! Good for you :) I think I have mastered down how to buy household items for next to nothing and i have discovered how and when to buy meat to store up but I can't seem to go to the grocery store and buy a weeks worth of groceries for next to nothing! LOL :) But i'm trying :)

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