Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay folks I found an AWESOME bargain today! i work for the radio station and I had been hearing all these promos for a remote this Friday at the new Salvation Army. I've been so busy that I forgot to ask the details. Well this morning I found out that a NEW Salvation Army opened right across the road from where I work. SO... I took off. I expected to find a few things I could craft with and just walk around...but I hit BANK on some clothes!!

LUCKILY I still had money in my "clothes" envelope.

I bought:
7 JEANS for $4 bucks
MISS ME jeans for $25 WITH tags on them
I bought Ava 3 nightgowns for summer $5 bucks total
3 shirts for Ava $6 bucks
Summer sandles for Ava in GREAT condition $3 bucks
Swimsuit for myself $4 bucks

Yep--I did GOOD! Jeans is something that I NEVER buy myself b/c they are soooo expensive but today I racked up! I'm so pumped!

Don't forget about your local consignment/good will stores. They have the good stuff just waiting to be found!!!!!

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