Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My ebay sellings :)

I'm so proud. I have made over $246 dollars this month by selling things on EBAY! Not only does this help me earn money to put into my "Envelope system" but it ALSO is helping come one step closer to living as a "Minimalist" which is my new life long dream. :) I am getting closer EVERY single day!

I have way more stuff to sell on ebay. Sometimes you just HAVE to use ebay when you know a yard sell won't bring in as much...BUT speaking of that we are having a HUGE yard sale here in the next few weeks!

Have you thought about that? Have you considered having a yard sale and de-cluttering AND making some cash flow? How easy it would be to sell things that you DONT need AND be able to add money to your grocery, Christmas, or savings envelope :)


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