Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cheap outfit #3!

Okay so here goes on this outfit...

Blue shirt underneath is a tube top. i know, who wears those? But I do b/c I found it at Goody's (the original Goody's not this stupid new one thats actually just a Dillards...but the one that used to be.) for $4.00. The silver that goes over it I bought at Wet Seal for $1.50, the black pants are again from Goody's and they were between 7-10 bucks. (I couldn't find the price for those written down. And yes, I do that. I keep a log of what I spend on clothes and write a little description so I know what i'm talking about). The shoes were from Half of Half. I had to have them for a wedding I was in and found them for $13 bucks with a $65 dollar price tag on them.

Not the cutest outfit you've ever seen but EVERY one of those pieces of clothing I can wear with something else--mix and match--and no one will even know that I can actually make about 5 different outfits out of under $50 worth of clothing!

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