Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011-Our Journey

Jere and I have done AWESOME :) He's the best. We have managed to stick to our budget, buy all the food we need and we are STILL under $100 bucks (which was our goal for groceries during this month). We have quite a good little stock pile on the things that we decided we wanted to stock up on. We have had AWESOME meals-grilled chicken, steaks, home-made helper(as I call it since I DONT use a box)... good stuff! I'm so proud of us.

We have a budget set for Christmas and have already begun bargain shopping :) I have a grocery envelope started and money saved for NEXT month. I have been good at planning our meals ahead of time and have stuck with EXACTLY what we need at the store.

What about you? you been planning good and staying on track? Lemme hear back from you!

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