Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Page so stay tuned!

I added a new page...

So now when you come to my page your options are....

Bargains, Deals and Coupons- this is the page where you will find deals of the week, printable coupons, links to coupons, etc.

Tips to Save- these are random things that YOU can do to save. Going green, switching banks, just daily things that can help you save that ARENT a coupon. I'm wanting to seperate these two...

Our Journey--follow me and Jere's success...the ups and downs, the debt, the money, the everything. good, bad, ugly you can read it all on our financial journey.

Mommy tales--when I run into my consignment shop and find Ava a polo sweater dress for 2 bucks...this is where I will post this stuff. ALSO this is where I will post things about finds for me as well.

Keep following. I appreciate it :)

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