Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cheap outfit #4--don't worry, there are more :)

Blue jean jacket :$12.50 Old Navy in the heat of the summer
Dress: HYP (local boutique) $14.50 (tiny hole in the top so I moved the flower pin to cover it)
Boots: Yea... I wouldn't ask. Hey-a girl is allowed to splurge occasionally :)
Necklace: 7 years old... Christmas present. I keep EVERYTHING thats decent.

Not a lot of money on this outfit! The dress is a tube top so it can be summer, or winter with a jacket like I have it right here. You will see this outfit again only minus the jacket and summer shoes. Thats what you HAVE to things you can switch up. That is ALLLWAYS the key!

Oh and yes, I got bangs. And I look fat right here but its ok. I like my outfit.

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