Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our story-the Week of FREE!

This week has been pretty stinkin' awesome! I clipped my coupons on Sunday and mapped out my plan at Walgreens. I knew exactly what I was going to get and how much I was going to spend. And I STILL have a few RR's in my pocket :) I was so pumped! It's just a good feeling when you get FREE stuff! Free stuff that you NEED!

So I decided this week since I have all of the stuff I need I was only going to go back to the stores if I could get it for free--it was my lucky week!

I FINALLY got my Coffee Mate coupons in the mail. I had filled out the form to get a free creamer and I had Jere do it too.. SO we got 2 in the mail. TA-DA! I went by Walgreens first and there smallest bottles were 2.99... I knew it was worth the trip to Walmart. I got the biggest bottles you could find for $3.14 AND the coupon covered it up to $3.99. SO we now have creamer to last us a while. Also I had printed out a coupon for a laxative... gross, I know, but anyway it was on sale and my coupon covered the sale price. Again-TA-DA! Then to make my day EVEN better Victoria's Secret had sent me a deal this week for 1 free pairs of panties... I guess they just like me there. So I had a FREE week (with the exception of spending a few out of pocket bucks at Walgreens on Monday) and I feel GREAT about it!

AND... I get these free bucks to Oaklawn(casino-horse races) a lot b/c the marketing department there ROCKS and knows that I ONLY come if I have a voucher. They sent me one that was only good for this past Tuesday. Well we couldn't go that night b/c we had plans so I went up during the day (don't worry-I don't have a gabmling problem... I don't and cashed in my 5 bucks. I was about to leave but my machine (Devil 7's) was calling my name so I walked over and someone had left the machine when it was on HOT! What were they thinking?!!? I stuck in my 5 and tripled my money in 3 spins. I printed out my ticket, went and cashed out and felt so good about the money in my pocket.

DISCLAIMER: I don't think gambling is right unless its "Free" money-aka-a voucher that you paid nothing for OR you are using your "entertainment money" that was already budgeted.

So that's my story of the free week... there was lots of online time spent filling out stuff to get all of these coupons-but whats 10 minutes filling out stuff to get free stuff?!?!

So... how was YOUR week? How did you do?!?!?!? Keep up the good work.

Oh AND... I got a 1 year subscription to Woman's Day for FREE! Yep-thats right! FREE! I hope you don't think i'm lying when I post all this free stuff... its legit!

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