Monday, February 28, 2011

$100 bucks!

Can I do it?... I just don't know!

My goal for the month of March is to spend $100 bucks on groceries and thats IT! WHOA! I know, right? But... i'm dang sure gonna try.

I have gone through receipts from the past few months and am trying to figure out how much everything costs.

I have gone through my recipe book and my mental list of meals I know how to cook and I am trying so hard to figure out if I can do it or not.

Spaghetti, tacos, grilled chicken, sandwhiches, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwhiches, sloppy joes.... can I make all these meals on $100 bucks? ... I guess we will find out! I'll keep you posted. Could you do that?

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Kara said...

no I couldn't, but I think I have kept it at about 200-250. That was with major planning. 500 with dog food, formula, household and diapers. That is a major accomplishment here. My goal is 500 a month for ALL food, baby, household, and dog. Good luck. Campbell's website has printable coupons. Please share any and all tips!

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