Monday, February 28, 2011

"gonna live like i'm..." poor!

February was our "Free month". We did pretty good. We didn't do any activities that cost money. We hit up the parks, library, free coupons at redbox, free Netflix... so all in all we did GREAT! We ate out one time and used a gift certificate but we still owed some money. We TRIED and I am so proud of Jere and I. It was NOT easy. I even managed to buy some clothes using credit at my consignment shop so it wasn't like the worst month ever. We still had a BLAST :)

We have had a trip planned to Canton, Texas for this coming weekend and I am so pumped about it! I have NEVER been and it will be a lot of fun. I have cash saved up and thats all I can spend. BUT that does throw a damper on my "poor month".

Free month was fun and just a TASTE of whats to come... I feel VERY strongly about cutting back on expenses. I have begun couponing, we have cut down on our cell bill... little things that we never thought much about we have tried to get rid of. BUT...what if we actually had a month where we spent NOTHING above and beyond the necessities? NO $1.00 movies. NO going out to eat...?? What would THAT be like?

Well... I have a feeling that it will be fun! I love stuff like this, but its hard to keep the WHOLE fam on board. My goal is to try. Every month I feel sick at my stomach when writing out the bills and I gripe about being so broke, yet somehow I manage to rent a movie, grab a lunch to go, buy a new shirt, go here-go there... so I am NOT actually living broke enough. After 1 month of living poor...paying car, insurance, home, electricity, water, tv and food...what if I spent NOTHING over that for 1 month? Would it be like a HUGE wake-up call or would it be like "Eh, whatever." I'm guessing we will find out.

March 7th-April 7th is poor month at the Matthews household. We will have a home, tv, food, water, electricity, and we can go to the museum(since thats paid for), the library, parks, go walk downtown, grill out our meals, and STILL have fun with our friends playing card games, or riding the 4-wheeler, whatever. But we are going to live BROKE.

So here we go... get ready for lots of progress updates!


Rachel said...

Good LUCK!! We need to do the same

Jere and Cara said...

Thank you! It's not gonna be super easy, but I don't think it will be terrible. Here goes nothing :) But of COURSE we have to get Canton out of the way. LOL!

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