Friday, February 4, 2011


Okay so this is about our journey... and Jere and I have BLOWN our grocery store trips so many times. But i didn't really know how to do it. I have tried so hard to spend time making our list, preparing what I need to make whatever meal it is, convincing Jere that we need to NOT go out and eat... and we have DONE it! And I am so proud.

Jere and I for a while ate out about 3 nights a week... it wasn't meant to happen... it just did. I'd get home late, he'd be tired, we'd be out of some random ingredient and just run to a restaurant instead. But we have got our act together now! I spent about 2 hours, if not longer, preparing menus, grocery lists, and also preparing for what I thought the cost would be. I'm SOOOOO glad I did that!

We successfully went to Kroger AND Walmart (didn't waste money on gas b/c we had to pass Walmart anyway) and purchased EXACTLY what we need for one weeks meals. I had a few coupons, my Kroger card in hand, and with the exception of 3 items that Jere added to the cart (not mad at him.. he was right I had just forgotten) we stayed on budget and are SET for the week! I am SOOOO proud :)

It's hard ya know. We used to go to the grocery store with no list, no meals planned. We'd just walk up and down the isles going "hmm that sounds good, yea add that . Get two just in case.". We would have SOOO many bags to unload and at the end of the day we had no real meals to cook.

It took time, longer than I wanted to spend, but I know the next time it won't take as long. :) I set out a plan, found some new recipes, bought the ingredients and stuck to my BUDGET! I am soooo proud :)

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