Friday, February 18, 2011

Fine line between bargains and hoarding

That's right. I said it. You KNOW you were thinking it! :) There is a FINE line between keeping up with bargains and becoming a HOARDER.

So you probably saw the show "Extreme Couponing." That stuff is NUTS! WHO DOES THAT? Who "dumpster dives" to save a buck or two?

So... how do we find that balance???

It's like this... you have to keep up with what YOUR family uses the most. It's so important. I can't speak for anyone but me so ... I have ezcema. That means only certain soaps, detergents and fabric softeners. The ONLY brand that does not break me out is PUREX.  When Purex goes on sale I buy it up! Now I don't buy 50, but I may be 3 or 4. This week at Kroger Purex liquid (which smells amazing by the way) was on sale for $2.69. HOLY COWZERS! Of COURSE I bought that stuff up. I bought 3. I didn't buy 50 and start a "stock pile" in my garage *that is insane* but I did buy enough that we have it for a while. And I saved a good bit of money.

What about foods?!!?!?!

No different. If you KNOW that you use cans of cream of chicken soup on average of 4 days a week and they are typically $1.09 but you find them on sale for $.69... you are a fool if you don't buy those suckers up! Don't buy so many that you can't fit your kids in the car, or that you can't shut your cabinets--basically use common sense.

It's really sad that I have to write this blog, but after seeing that show and realizing how many people jeopardize their safety and sanity by buying way too much b/c its "on sale"... that just made me sad.

Be smart. Shop the sales. Use coupons. Save money. Just don't lose your head in the process.

#1--Know which items your family uses a LOT of. Keep a list of these items and the "typical" prices for them THAT way you KNOW if its actually a bargain when you see it on sale.

#2--Know how MUCH of that item you use. That way you don't buy 30 of something that you only needed 6 of. Be smart. Keep lists of what you need, what you use the most, and look for it on sale.

#3--Stock up...but don't STACK up. If you don't have room for it...don't buy it.

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Kara said...

Um, yeah. I saw that show and this guy had 1500 dollars worth of toiletries in his garage. Granted, it was worth a lot more than 1500, but he still dropped 1500 for that stuff and he couldn't use it in a lifetime.

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