Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Free Month success!

I had told you that February was going to be our "Free month" and that my plan was to have about 3 of these a year! Well... it went GREAT! I was so worried about how it would go down, and about falling off the wagon and being frustrated. But nope-it went great!

yes, we spent SOME money. We had to buy groceries, we ran through MCd's once... but seriously this was NOT hard at all! We didn't go out to eat period (ok the mcd's probably does count), we didn't get take out. I cooked (or Jere grilled) every meal we ate! And ya know what? I got spoiled! That was such a bonding time for us, and Ava got to help cook some things--and it was just a great family time for us. We watched LOTS of Netflix since its free still. :) We cleaned out our DVR. We used Redbox codes to get free movies. We borrowed movies from friends. We had friends over to our house instead of going out. This was honestly a SUPER fun month!!! And i'm' so proud of us.

Another thing that makes me super pumped is that I added it up this morning... and we spent $128.16 at Walmart/Kroger for the entire month!!! i know right?! I clipped coupons, and bought on sale items! I ALSO made a list of everything that was in our fridge, freezer and cabinets and stared at that list til I could invent some kind of meal out of it. :) Yes... we need to go to the store but honestly its for things like peanut butter, and relish(we eat lots of tuna) ... its not for meal items. THOSE items we have.

I'm proud. We didn't save thousands of dollars this month but we did prove that we can live a fun life having a good time without spending a lot of money... and I am soooo so proud of us :)

give it a try. What would it hurt to try and spend NO extra money for one month? You will find yourself enjoying the challenge!

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