Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheap outfits...can it be done?!

i am NOT a vain person so for me to talk about myself is not easy for me... much to some's suprise. :) thing I LOVE to talk about is how cheap I got my clothes! I have TONS of clothes and shoes, and jewelry, and purses... all for next to nothing.

One thing people ask me a lot is HOW do I do it?! Well... it's an art. You have to shop out of season, you have to DIG, you have to be willing to go to places that may look sketchy.

This for example is an outfit that cost NEXT to nothing. The beauty of it is that I can wear all of these things with other items. *Thats a key point... don't buy something that ONLY goes with one thing. That makes no sense. Buy things can be switched around, changed from casual to dressy.*

Not a fabulous picture of me....BUT... its a cheap and fun outift.

Shirt: TJ MAXX in the dead of winter so buying a short sleeve shirt made it $4.00.

Pants: $12.00 at TJ MAXX in September so they were blowing out their "Summer" stuff.

Shoes: Charlotte Russe $5.00. Bought them in January. Evidentally summer wedges are marked down then. :)

Earrings: Charmed. $1.00. same goes for the necklace.

So add that up... $23.00 bucks on an outfit. Thats more than my usual outfits BUT I have worn this short with dressy pants to work, I have worn dressy shirts with these pants, I can wear these shoes with ANYTHING.

Just an example of how it CAN be done. and I would love NOTHING more than to shop with you and help you find these bargains :)

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