Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entertaining the family for cheap!

So its apparent that I am a cheap-o. But I STILL have a 5 year old and a husband to entertain and that comes with a price tag for sure. I am content to sit at home and watch the same tv show OVER and OVER where as they are not so much apt to do that.

So...I signed up for Netflix. It's free for 30 days and I don't get dvds in the mail... I watch them INSTANTLY on my computer! My daughter can pick out a Scooby movie or watch Princess and the Frog from the computer. INSTANTLY. And at this point it is FREE! Jere and I can log in and watch episodes of 24, or catch up on chick flicks! :)

And it costs us nothing. Since renting movies is expensive if you can actually find a movie store, OR you get them for a buck at Redbox but you have to have it back by 9 pm... it makes it soooo convenient to have thousands of movies and tv shows at our finger tips.

Give it a try. At LEAST try the 30 days. If you find that taking your computer around the house to watch a movie is NOT something you will do than at least you know and found it out before it costs you anything. AND if you find out that snuggling in bed so you can both see the computer screen becomes part of your nightly routine then TADA! :) It can be yours free for 30 days AND after that just $7.99 a month. Not a bad price to pay for entertainment...

Go to Netflix website and check it out!

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