Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting the hang of coupons- Day 1

There are all sorts of neat blogs that help get you ready to shop with coupons. I personally love "The Krazy Coupon Lady". She makes everything seem so simple.

so hear I sit on a Sunday morning lookin' puzzled and irritated. I went to the store and bought my paper full of coupons this morning, came home and cut them all out. Then I got out all of the ads and went through my coupons again to see which items I had coupons for. Some things are actually gonna be a pretty good deal. OTHER thigns are making me mad. To get the MOST use out of these coupons I need to go somewhere that they can be doubled which would be basically any store besides Walmart. BUT if you do go to another store and its a household item(anything other than food) it's going to be more expensive other places.

So right now I am trying to get the hang of coupons. I know its a process and it takes time and energy and research to get your "Game plan" down.

Don't get discouraged. Follow me on this journey as I try to figure out how to save lots of money with coupons.

Day #1- Cut out coupons. Go through Walmart, Target and Walgreens ads. Figure out what stuff will be free. THEN figure out what everything else will cost with coupons.


Kara said...

I am doing the exact same thing. We must be on the same wavelength!

Jere and Cara said...

That is so awesome Kara! :)

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