Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's no place like home...

I love Wizard of Oz, and I love being at home. I am definitley a home body! I like to have fun nights with my friends, and date nights with my hubs on occasion but I can honestly say for the most part I am okay with being at home.

My husband and I met years ago when I worked for him. He owned a furniture store and I was hired on as a salesperson. So for nearly 4 years I spent my days helping others decorate their homes. It's so much fun to do that when its not YOUR money. So with my husbands background in home furnishings and my experience you can only IMAGINE what the two of us are like walking through a furniture store :) It's quite comical. We BOTH have good taste, we get bored of furniture easy(its soooo easy to do that when you worked in a furniture store and saw the same pieces day after day and sometimes year after year), so we like to try and buy things cheap or at least things that we can move to another room or something!

Even store like Kirklands are hard for us to go in! We both have really good ideas of how to decorate our home but we want to do it right and CHEAP of course.

There is such a thing as doing it too cheap. I know right? Can't believe I said that either. Let me give you a good example...I was wanting some shelves to go over our tv in the living room. We have like 10 foot ceilings and the walls are white. We rent, so painting is not out of the question, but I don't want to ever think about having to paint it back. So anyway, I wanted to do something for the walls because they looked so sad, pitiful, and tall. I began looking for things to put on the walls. I would find something online at Lowe's and then run and look at it and it never was as big as I had pictured or as they made it seem. And EXPENSIVE! Stuff for your walls is NOT cheap. So I began looking for shelves... that was fun! Every shelf I could find was in a box and had to be put together, looked like plastic(it probably was) and most wouldn't even allow you to mount on the wall.

So... I called a good friend who happens to be a construction worker and asked him if he could make shelves. He could. :) He made me REAL wood shelves, only charged me for the parts that he had to buy and they are fabulous! These babies are heavy, solid, sturdy and it cost me $30 bucks for 2 shelves. I couldn't have bought anything of significance for my walls for $30 bucks.

My point... you can live frugally, save a dime and not give up quality. You have to think deep. You have to ask questions. Do you know anyone that could do that for you? Do you have a friend who paints? You don't just go to the store and settle, nor do you spend $35 bucks in gas driving around town to save a buck or two. It's about planning and thinking before you actually DO!

Here are my shelves. I'm so proud of them!

Just what my wall needed! Some shelves and some color!! 

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